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Summary of "Amour Omar": Mel surprises Leandro with a passionate kiss

Summary of “Amour Omar”: Mel surprises Leandro with a passionate kiss

Dora informs her parents that she has moved to the second stage Pour. For this reason, he went to Lisbon. At that moment, Shakira appears, confident that she will win the scholarship through her project. Louis is proud to see his two daughters succeed in life.

Leandro opens a bottle of champagne, but Mel thinks it’s too early to party because Angela hasn’t been caught yet. Leandro ended up saying that at the moment he did not know what to do, without André and with a concert scheduled for the next day, at Feira dos Bigodes. The artist encourages him to sing alone and make a solo career. He admits that he doesn’t know if he can. Mel kisses him tightly and asks if he feels ready now.

Rebecca sends a magazine journalist ‘Cindy’ in the middle of the room. The journalist comments that she is glad to be able to speak with an aspiring president of the republic, but Rebecca has switched the intention of the interview to the band “Bolinhos de Amor”. Vitor says he is tired of being her bed doormat and if she wants to show pictures then let her. The two argue and Rebecca takes the photos and shows them to the journalist who becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the situation.

Emilia cleans the floor of the hamburger shop and admits she is tired of that life. Then he suggests to Marisa that they make another robbery.

Rogério opens the fridge and finds leftovers from Denise’s sumptuous meals. Shakira keeps an eye on everything and advises her brother to chase after the tattoo artist instead of looking at the food.

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Angela enters the publisher’s studio and sends a voicemail to Romeo saying that without her, he’s just a coward.

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