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Super Bock is offered in 1.5% increments.  The workers were surprised

Super Bock is offered in 1.5% increments. The workers were surprised

“FHello, with great surprise, the unions learned of the letter sent by the management of Super Book to its workers, which explains the decision to implement a salary increase outside the scope of negotiation,” the memo states.

“The arbitrary assignment of a 1.5% wage increase, despite the company’s cunning and misleading definition as equivalent to its latest proposal rejected by workers (not unions), represents an absolute value well below the €25 and 25 days of leave on which this last proposal was actually based” , as they guarantee.

An official source at the company, in contact with Lusa, said that “despite all the efforts made by the Superbook Group to reach an agreement with the unions on the revision of the ACT pay scale. [acordo coletivo de trabalho]He regrets “not only the failure of the negotiations, but also the processes that the unions resorted to, after the agreement became useless, which resulted in inevitable losses for the company and its workers.”

He said that “Super Bock Group took its responsibility with all workers and decided to apply an amount equivalent to that which was the last proposal made and was rejected by the unions again,” noting that “in a year that is still not typical and given the company’s activity, the Super Bock Group advanced an increase of 1.5%.” in the basic wage per worker, reducing the effects of inflexible union negotiations.”

In the same statement, the union structures stated that “the unions that make up the Union Negotiations Committee sent, on August 20, a request to schedule a meeting, and to report an opening to adjust positions, which Super Book has not submitted. To this day, I answer”

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They emphasized that “for this reason, the company cannot now accuse unions of rendering the agreement futile when, precisely, it took the last step in the positive direction.”

According to the committee, “it makes no sense to say that the company made a ‘substantial and very significant development in its negotiating positions’ when one of its proposals was ‘zero’.”

“The company maintains a strategy of blaming the unions, in a tone of demonizing their representatives, which, being not original, is a clear attack on the workers themselves, since all the struggles promoted are the result of honest decisions on their part,” reads: on the same note.

According to the commission, “workers will know how to properly position themselves in defending their rights and in increasing their wages.”

Super Book workers were on strike between August 5-10, and this is the fourth stop since December.

After stops in December, March, and June, Super Book workers went on strike in August, with a partial halt in all shifts, in order to increase wages, to value labor, to “drop the wealth created” by the employer, and against the “unlawful attitude of management” reducible to not developing its proposal in the sense of approximating it to the workers’ proposal, while respecting the logic of the required negotiation.”

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