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Supposedly he faced Putin - VG

Supposedly he faced Putin – VG

In Severe Weather: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

There is simmering resentment in Putin’s inner circle, and we have to believe US intelligence.


A member of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle is said to have directly expressed his dissatisfaction with the president, according to reports Washington Post. This should have happened over several weeks, and is the result of Putin’s handling of the war in Ukraine.

The Washington Post wrote that the information came from US intelligence.

Dissatisfaction with what the member considers to be mismanagement of the war and mistakes made by those conducting the military operation.

The criticism is by far the clearest indication of the turmoil in the Russian leadership, the Washington Post wrote.

At Biden’s table

The information is seen as so important that it should have been included in US President Joe Biden’s daily intelligence briefing. This is according to people familiar with the case who spoke to the US newspaper anonymously.

Turning 70: Vladimir Putin is photographed at a meeting of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), which consists of nine out of the 15 former Soviet states.

– Since the beginning of the occupation, we have seen an increasing number of notifications from many of Putin’s inner circle. Our assessments are that they are particularly troubled by recent Russian losses, poor leadership and military shortcomings, says a Western intelligence official, according to The Washington Post.

Another officer was said to have said that internal tensions were “agreed with the conduct of the Russian campaign”.

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– The officer says there are many people who are convinced that this is not going well or going in the right direction.

More has to go

In another article he writes Washington Post That the commander of war operations in Ukraine, Alexander Dvornikov, was sacked after only seven weeks in the post, which he received in April.

This is after what should have been a major restructuring as a result of major losses and strategic errors.

Dvornikov is said to have stepped aside around the same time that the commander-in-chief of the paratroopers, Andrei Serdyukov, had to step down. This is after almost all Air Force divisions suffered heavy losses.

Moreover, the Washington Post wrote that the head of the military district responsible for Kharkiv, Alexander Zhuravlev, was forced to resign last week. This is after Russian forces lost large areas in the region in early September.

In total, at least eight generals were dismissed, reassigned, or otherwise sidelined. At least a dozen other generals died in the battle, the American newspaper wrote.

Several criticisms of the leadership in the Kremlin have come recently. And the Chairman of the Parliament’s Defense Committee, Andrei Kartapolov, on Friday, caused many people to be surprised.

In one of the most popular TV shows, he said: We must stop lying.

He pointed out that people do not understand the whole truth in the daily developments of the war. The award-winning general says he fears losing credibility.

Another person interviewed on state television is Andrei Gorolev, former deputy commander of the Southern Military District.

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Lying systemNot from bottom to top, but from top to bottom, he said.