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Surgery - results of trauma to the stomach

Surgery – results of trauma to the stomach

Recently, doctors at Klaipeda University Hospital were surprised, after one of their patients complained of severe abdominal pain.

Abdominal X-rays showed several metallic objects, including some measuring up to ten centimeters, writes Watchman.

Thus the patient ended up straight on the operating table, and during a three-hour operation, more than a kilo of screws, bolts, nuts and other foreign objects were removed from the patient’s stomach.

– It is not uncommon for foreign bodies to be present in patients’ stomachs, but this case is unique, says surgeon Šarūnas Dailidėnas in a statement at the hospital. Facebook side.

A normal working day

Dailidėnas carried out the operation. to Lithuanian Broadcaster LRT He told the surgeon he was not particularly surprised when the patient arrived at the hospital.

For me, it’s just a normal working day. Such unique situations happen quite often. The surgeon says they are different and unique in their own way.

According to the hospital, the patient must have swallowed the foreign bodies for about a month, causing damage to the front wall of the patient’s stomach.

After the intensive operation, the patient’s condition is stable.

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Children swallow coins

The head of the surgical department, Algirdas Šlepavičius, told broadcasters that this was not the first time they had found foreign bodies in patients’ stomachs.

– Usually we find coins. Children are often the ones who have swallowed them in one way or another.

It also tells of cases in which people who were in prison are said to have swallowed things in the hope of escaping from prison.

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– We began to take these things out with an endoscope, to bring them back to prison. This put an end to this trend.