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Surprise: Manuel Luis Goscha replaces Cristina Ferreira with Joana Márquez – Nacional

Surprise: Manuel Luis Goscha replaces Cristina Ferreira with Joana Márquez – Nacional

Manuel Luis Goscha He has never hidden the fact that he doesn’t have many friends on TV. With the exception of Julia Pinheiro, with whom he always exchanges declarations of love and friendship, the broadcaster reveals little about his circle of friends, but this Sunday, the 22nd, he made an exception to reveal it. Joanna Marquez is part of the small group.

“I have no friends now,” the broadcaster said in an interview on the channel. “Reset” produced by Bumba na Fofinha, Explaining that he might have “a few fingers” on his hand if he had to count the number of friends.

“I am very demanding regarding the concept of friendship. I think people underestimate it, everyone is a friend. For me, a friend is at a very high level of love, deep affection, demanding and responsible. I have many acquaintances, very nice, who I have dinner with, who I have dinner with.” “Lunch with him, people I love, respect – not all of them, obviously.”

Then comedian Mariana Cabral (Bumba na Fofinha) mentioned her best friend, Joanna MarquezWho she has known since she was 3 years old. Gocha interrupted: “There you are, my friend!” “Who do I have dinner with on a regular basis. Does he do that?” [parte dos dedos da mão]. She does it, Daniel does it [Leitão]or [Vasco] Palmerim,” adding at other times: “I love her” and “She is wonderful.” Ghosheh’s statements about friendships in the environment in which he works do not cease to amaze after the broadcaster surprised everyone. She shared a program with Cristina Ferreira for 14 years, “Você na TV”. As for Cristina, Gocha always praises her professional side and her ability to do so Director of Entertainment and Fiction at TVI Think about television. In September, Gotcha made another statement that further distanced him from Cristina, when he announced that he had “Debt of Gratitude” with José Eduardo Munizwho has already taken over the power struggle with Cristina Chairman of the Board of Directors of Media Capital, Mario Ferreira.

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