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Susana Dias Ramos leaves a "message" right after messages

Susana Dias Ramos leaves a “message” right after messages

This Monday, August 9, another diary of “O Amor Happen”, by Mafalda de Castro, was broadcast on TVI. At some point, during the broadcast, Susana Dias Ramos decided to leave a very important message, as a “message”.

The psychologist and commentator explained that she had received many messages from people who “clapped” for the fact that she had great strength “despite the extra weight”:

“You who have known me for a year know that with my father’s death I gained 18 kilos”He started by saying. “At the moment I have a body that is not mine but I have to live with and respect it because I have a major hormonal disorder and as much as I keep my mouth shut… I can’t lose weight”, added so far.

Then Susana Dias Ramos gave some examples of the messages she receives “Constantly”: “They say ‘Susanna is a big guy, I love her positive energy even with those extra pounds’ or ‘I like to feel as comfortable as you feel with those extra pounds’ but who said I’m happy with the extra pounds? (…)”.

It later ends with a reflection and a ‘message’: “This kind of comment is daily, if I wasn’t comfortable now in my body, I would have been wearing F clothes… Don’t send these messages to people, let’s say I’m neat and skinny.”

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