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Susana Dias Ramos leaves a "message" right after messages

Susana Dias Ramos talks about a health problem that forced her to stop

And so ends my way in love happens! I’m sorry for not commenting all I have a lot to say…but I have to go take care of my health and touch these roots!!! see you soon”, can be read in Susana Dias Ramos’ post that she was forced to take a break from work.

“O Amor Happen” commentator received a lot of affection on social media after the revelation: “Wishing you, Susanna, I wish you’d come back to BB” where “I am so sorry to miss seeing her. Let everything go well, my kisses. I admire you so much, great lady.”, are just a few examples.

Later, in statements to TV7DiasThe psychiatrist talked about the health issue that forced her to take a break, which relates to an episode that happened in February, when she was feeling down in the studio.

“I feel better. People at home don’t know, but I have heart failure and every now and then she gets mad. She was really sick from the start of the program, but now she’s riled up hard”which was disclosed at that time.

The commentator revealed that the procedure she will be undergoing is also related to this annoyance, but she preferred not to reveal too many details about the matter:I don’t feel like going into my privacy too much. Better not to say. After that, people speculate a lot and there is no need, because they end up scaring my friends and family.”can be read.