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Susana Vieira's reaction to her leukemia diagnosis: "When will I die? Will I go bald?"

Susana Vieira’s reaction to her leukemia diagnosis: “When will I die? Will I go bald?”

Susanna Vieira He is in Portugal and ended up having an intimate interview with Julia PineroWhich is broadcast on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 24th on the program Julia. The intro shared an excerpt from the conversation on it Instagram pagewhich shows the Brazilian actress talking about her diagnosis of leukemia and also about love.

“I’ve never been afraid, but I’m not at all afraid”by saying that Susana Vieira and Julia Pinheiro asked: “Even when you were told you had leukemia?”.

So I asked him, “When will I die? Will I be bald? “…these are the two questions I asked.”he answered.

“I never wanted to stop working, I never wanted to retire. The Brazilian has a habit of wanting to retire at 60. I’m 79 now, so what would I do if I stayed at home? Honestly I love doing TV.”he added.

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After that, the presenter wanted to know if there was anyone in the life of the actress and asked: “Have you given up on love?”. “No way”The actress replied.

Watch the video below:

I remember that the 79-year-old actress was diagnosed Chronic lymphocytic leukemia In 2015, the disease is currently under control.

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