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Susana Werner separates from Julio Cesar and accuses him of exploiting his property: “Pay my monthly salary” – Jogo da Vida

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A Brazilian businesswoman said the former Benfica goalkeeper would not allow her access to the couple’s assets

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Married for 21 years, Julio Cesar and Susana Werner are in the process of divorcing, and the Brazilian actress has now come out publicly to accuse the former Benfica goalkeeper of taking away her financial freedom. After a wide post on social media, Susanna Werner says that she is deprived of access to the couple’s money, and that she does not have the ability to get out of this situation. It could read “I have a very valid card, with a reasonable usage limit each month, which I’m very grateful for, but I don’t have the money to pay for a lawyer.”

The Brazilian actress and businesswoman wondered if this was a “private prison for the rich” and accused her partner of “misuse of property,” adding that to this day she has not received her usual allowance. “Pay my monthly salary and we will be happy.”

Susana Werner confirms that Julio Cesar had nothing before the wedding, that in fact, the ceremony was paid for with his own money and that everything they have built since then belongs to both of them, but only the former Brazilian international has access and can manage this. Heritage. The Brazilian businesswoman, who launched into the world of cosmetics two years ago by opening the “Queens Life Beauty” salon, said that the business is still not making profits, and that it still depends on the couple’s money. “I love Julio, but I’m sure he’s being manipulated. I hope I can continue on my path with a lot of work, which is what I do most in life and that the comeback comes quickly, because only God knows how much I’m doing my best.” “You deserve to leave this relationship with your head held high by mutual consent, as was agreed upon a few weeks ago.”

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Speaking to the Leo Dias portal, Susana said that her 21-year marriage deprived her of financial freedom, and that during the relationship she received an allowance in the amount stipulated by Julio Cesar. “He gave me a value that he thought was fair in his calculations. I always accepted everything because I loved him, but I was exhausted for a while,” she said.

In May, the couple first announced their separation, but backed out three days later. Julio Cesare and Susanna Werner have two children in common. One of them, 21-year-old Kawit Werner, plays for Portimonense’s under-23 team.

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