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Susanna Werner accuses the former Benfica player of controlling her life

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Actress and businesswoman Susanna Werner announced: “I separated a month ago,” confirming the end of her marriage to former Brazilian Benfica goalkeeper Julio Cesar. In May of this year, the couple had already gone through a crisis, which she announced publicly, admitting it two days after they rushed into it.

Through the sentences she writes on social media, the actress and businesswoman says that she tries not to have time to be sad, and that she no longer cries over separation. ” [Há] The month I feel calm and happy. It doesn’t seem like it, but I am. I am working hard, focusing on myself and telling you a little about my future separate memoirs,” Susanna shared.

They have not yet been divorced, although this time the separation appears final. For her, “it should be good to be alone.” “I started to love it. I no longer remember what it was like to live for myself. Everything has a good side in life,” added the presenter, who put aside her career about 20 years ago, to follow Julio Cesar and devote herself to motherhood.

While promising that she would showcase her daily life after the end of her 21-year marriage, Susanna Werner also highlighted: “I will never play the victim, I am not poor. I am a strong and happy human being, I work, I help others, and I am a human being of God. I don’t need anything else In this life, not even to a man.”

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