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Sweden – A man was killed in an open street

Sweden – A man was killed in an open street

Many Swedish media, incl ExpressShe claims to have information that the man was on a trip with his 12-year-old son when he was killed.

They are said to have moved towards the center of Skarholmen, when they were in a tunnel next to the local swimming pool, and were said to have passed a group of three or four “young men”.

The man is said to have been shot in the head shortly afterwards, before the perpetrators left the scene on bicycles.

according to TV4 And Aftonbladet It was the 12-year-old boy, who witnessed the murder, who informed the police.

No one was arrested

Aftonbladet newspaper first reported that police's initial theory was that the incident was a “mistake”, meaning someone else would have actually been killed.

The deceased was not known to the police and should not have been connected to any criminal environment.

New information for Aftonbladet Expressen gives a slightly different picture:

There must have been some confrontation between the dead man and the gang that he and his son had passed through at the beginning, as he returned to them and asked his son to stay away.

The bullet must have exploded in the ground. The man allegedly tried to take the firearm from them, before being shot himself.

No one has been arrested yet in connection with the murder.

Several shooting incidents in a short time

The homicide is the third shooting in Skarholmen in just over a month:

  • March 1 A man was shot dead about 300 meters from the scene of yesterday's killing.
  • March 13 A man in his 20s was shot at a nearby elementary school. The case is being investigated as attempted murder.
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Police believe it is too early to say anything about whether the events can be seen in context.

Sweden Democrats leader Jimmi Åkesson came out strongly after Wednesday's murder.

– International agreements, old arguments about socio-economic factors, or stupid talk about theme parks preventing crime should be thrown into the trash immediately. It is not enough to talk platitudes, it is time for Sweden to declare a full-scale war against every member of these criminal gangs, Åkesson wrote on X/Twitter.

The code reveals drug sales

It is suspected that a conflict has arisen

Aftonbladet It was previously reported about a conflict between two gang factions in the area.

The area was described at the time as a vacuum between criminals, and a drug market over which no one had control. Therefore, many expected that conflicts would break out between different parts of the Stockholm “underworld”, which wanted to enter the market.

Avisa sources now suspect that this conflict has broken out again. It is unclear whether Wednesday's murder is related to this or not.