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Sweden: A pair of brothers convicted of spying for Russia

Sweden: A pair of brothers convicted of spying for Russia

Kia Biman

Peyman Kiya (42 years old) was sentenced to life in prison for aggravated espionage. The younger brother, Payam Kiya, 35, was sentenced to nine years and ten months in prison.


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This is what the Swedish newspaper wrote aftonbladet.

The two brothers were convicted of spying for Russian intelligence.

Older brother Biman Kia worked for many years in the Swedish Security Police (Säpo) and the Military Intelligence Service (Must).

Here he had access to highly classified and highly sensitive information about Swedish intelligence.

Do the general: Here the brothers are said to have handed classified documents to GRU – and received sums of money.

According to the prosecution, the brothers obtained about 100 secret documents from the Swedish Security and Intelligence Service for the benefit of the Military Intelligence Unit.

According to the prosecution, the youngest of the brothers was the point of contact for the military intelligence unit.

The espionage case is one of the most extensive and raw in Swedish history.

The brothers have always denied their criminal guilt.

In November, the brothers were indicted on charges of aggravated espionage.

Spy Cam: The younger brother had a spy camera disguised as a car key.

Swedish security police tracked down Biman Kia after suspecting that there might be an unfaithful servant among them.

After a top secret investigation, Kia becomes a suspect.

The Stockholm District Court believes Säpo used good tactics to expose Kia, according to Aftonbladet.

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– There are also technical results in the computers owned by the older brother. In these findings, we have seen extensive use of encryption software, Chief Judge Måns Wigen says at a press conference.

He also points out that from 2016 to 2017 the eldest handled large sums of cash, around half a million kroner.