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Sweden and Sweden Democrats |  Here the party leader appears in red:

Sweden and Sweden Democrats | Here the party leader appears in red:

– I’m very upset. “You shouldn’t get away with this anymore,” said an exasperated Jimmy Okeson.

The debate was heated up in the Swedish party leader’s debate when the Green Party’s Per Polund spoke about the “blue and brown side” of politics.

Watch Jimmy Okeson’s blast at the party leader’s debate:

Jimmy Okeson is the leader of the Sverigedemokraterna wing party, which is now referred to by many commentators as part of a broad bourgeois opposition. He was very upset during the party leader’s live debate SVT2 On Sunday night, Per Polund, the leader of the Green Party, spoke about the “blue and brown” side of politics when the topic was immigration and integration.

– Do you call me a Nazi? Okeson asked and did not give up until he received a clear answer from Bolund.

– very upset

– I’m very upset. Okeson said at the party leader debate, one shouldn’t get away with this anymore Swedish daily newspaper. He emphasized that brown alone could indicate Nazism. This is an ideology the Swedish Democrats leader worked hard to distance himself from, among other things, in a speech during Almedalen Politicians Week in 2018, when he described Nazism as anti-democratic, socialist, racist, imperialist and cosmopolitan. ideology of violence. It was after the anti-racist Expo revealed that former members of the National Socialist Front (NSF) movement were candidates for the Swedish Democrats.

Defends the term “blue-brown”

In the debate, Poland replied that the term “blue-brown” should be allowed to be used around conservative right-wing parties cooperating with right-wing populists, as he believed the Swedish Democrats would as well. But on direct questions from the host, Poland refrained from using the Nazi designation.

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– He said I never called Åkesson a Nazi.

It does not appear in the dictionary

In the Swedish dictionary, published by the Swedish Academy, there is no term “blue-brown”, but about “brown” it is said that the term describes something as Nazi.

Retired language professor Olle Josephson says Aftonbladet Okeson’s interpretation that brown was the color of the Nazis in the 1930s is correct, but Poland’s understanding of the term brown-blue is also possible.

“It is in line with the Language Board’s definition, which is based on how the word is used and cannot be directly linked to Nazism,” Josephson told the newspaper.

Part of the facility

The Swedish Democrats have long been isolated over their critical immigration policy, but earlier this year the party was part of a joint proposal for a tougher immigration policy launched by the bourgeois four-leaf clover. A few hours before the party leader’s debate, Dagens Nyheter published a leaflet in which the Moderates, Christian Democrats, Swedish Democrats and Liberals launched 20 proposals to crack down on gang crime.

“Now Åkesson is part of the political establishment,” Ewa Stenberg wrote in a comment at DN Monday. She is one of those commentators who see the emergence of a new government alternative. In September 2022, parliamentary elections will be held in Sweden.

On Ipsos survey for DN October 6 Moderates have 22 percent support, Swedish Democrats 21 percent, Christian Democrats 4 percent and liberals 3 percent (below the threshold).

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