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Sweden got its first female prime minister - VG

Sweden got its first female prime minister – VG

Magdalena Andersson of the Social Democratic Party receives support in the Swedish Parliament to lead the Swedish government. Thus, she became the first female prime minister in the country.


Andersen received a standing ovation from most members of Parliament when it became clear that she would be Sweden’s first female prime minister. Exactly 100 years after women in Sweden gained the right to vote.

At 09.00, the vote on Andersen as Prime Minister in the Swedish Parliament began.

It is clear that Anderson was touched during the speeches of the party leaders and had to wipe his tears several times. Shortly after the vote ended, she told the Swedish press:

– I know what this means for girls growing up in our country, and it affects me. My driving force has always been the fight against injustice in society. I became Sweden’s first female prime minister “Furthermore”.

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Her qualifications for appointment are well known and respected in all political camps. At least after seven years as Sweden’s finance minister, the leader of the Social Democrats in the Riksdag, Anneli Karlsson, said, according to Aftonbladet.

With Andersen, she added, Sweden would have a prime minister who “will not hesitate to say what is and do what is needed”.

Stefan Lofven congratulates Andersen on Twitter, where he writes, among other things, that he knows she will work hard for Sweden every day:

She herself says the following about taking the job:

– I feel ready.

It is chosen with the smallest possible margin

Anderson and the Social Democrats received support from the Left Party (V), the Center Party (C), the Green Party (MP) and former non-partisan Vanster politician Amina Kakapavi.

Anderson will now be tasked with appointing ministers in his new government. A new government could already be introduced on Friday.

If 175 or more of the 349 members of Parliament had voted “no,” Anderson would not have been able to form a government.

174 deputies in the Riksdag voted “no”.

Anderson Elected leader of the Social Democrats November 4, after the departure of Stefan Lofven. Thus, she became the second leader of the party.

Lofven gained renewed confidence as prime minister in July of this year, Two weeks after he was shot in a vote of no confidence. In August, he announced that he would Resign as party leader and prime minister.

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Anderson holds a master’s degree in economics and has a long career in Social Democrats. Since 2014, she has held the position of Minister of Finance in the government of Stefan Löfven.

Prime Minister: Magdalena Andersson is the new Prime Minister of Sweden. Here she is on her way to the meeting on Wednesday morning.

Instant budget buzz

Andersen faces his first challenge already on Wednesday afternoon, when the Swedish parliament will vote on next year’s state budget.

Aftonbladet He writes that the budget vote is a tight process in which the parties’ own budget is set against the government’s budget (Social Democrats and Greens). The vote is based on a kind of “cancellation method”, in which the Swedish parliament will first vote on the proposals of the smaller parties.

The Center Party has already announced that it does not support the government’s budget, indicating that the right’s budget will have an impact on its alternative. Thus, the silver prime minister appears to be on her way to a budget slump before she takes her new position.

Magdalena Anderson says at a press conference in Parliament that she still believes she can rule the country because the differences between the government’s budget and the right wing are not “widespread”. Andersson says the counterparty “only” has moved 10 of the SEK 174 billion from the government’s proposal.

– I judge her as a whole I can live with, she says.

At the same time, you realize that people will notice the changes. Among other things, there will be no family week, fewer new homes and more unemployed people, according to Anderson.

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The new prime minister does not want to answer whether it is appropriate for her to form a government consisting only of her own party.