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Sweden: Several people have died after a plane crash

Sweden: Several people have died after a plane crash

A helicopter crashed near Orebro Airport in Sweden on Thursday night. She writes, among other things, the Swedish newspaper express. There should be nine people on board.

– It’s a parachute that crashed in Orebro, said Maritime Rescue Commander Emil Gustafson at the Naval and Air Rescue Center.

Police confirm the accident their websitesHe describes it as “very dangerous”.

At 20.53, the police reported that several people died in the accident. The exact number is not yet known.

– Brant

Expressen writes that the plane crashed near the airport.

The plane crashed as it was about to take off from the runway. According to the NTB, Gustavsson stated at the Sea and Air Rescue Center that the plane started burning after the crash.

– The plane burned, but the fire has now been put out by the airport rescue service. Rescue work is now underway, but we still don’t have any information on the extent of the damage among those on board, he tells TT.

According to Expressen, all people were inside the plane when it caught fire.

Karl Johan Linde, press director at the Swedish Maritime Administration, told Expressen that there were nine people on board. It will be about eight paratroopers and a pilot.

– We are working hard with the regional rescue service, as well as with airport rescue workers, he continues.

More dead: Police confirmed the incident on their website, describing it as “extremely dangerous”. Photo: Marcus Peterson
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Several ambulances were also taken to the scene, according to Aftonbladet.

to me TV4 Two people were taken to the hospital. This is what the head of rescue Bear of Stafford told the channel.

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– That’s what’s going on to save lives, Anders Lännholm of Sjö and the Air Rescue Center tells TV4.

smoke pictures show

Pictures published by the newspaper Nirix Allhanda Smoke appears to be rising from the scene of the accident.

– It’s a serious situation, says Bergslagen police spokesman Lars Heidelin, describing the incident as a “mass incident”.

According to Expressen, the alarm went off at 7.20pm. The background of the accident is not yet known.

The municipality of Örebro has set up a crisis center in connection with the incident, Expressen writes.

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