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Statsminister Stefan Löfven hilser folk idet han skal presentere sin nye og tredje regjering, 9. juli 2021.

Sweden’s new government is similar to the old government – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

At 11 am this morning, the Prime Minister presented the list of ministers to the Swedish Parliament, the Riksdag.

Before he started reading the list, Lovin expressed it My deepest condolences after the plane crash in Örebro.

As before, the government consists of the Social Democrats and the Green Party. And the people who will sit in it will also be the same.

But when the prime minister and ministers gave their manifesto for their programme, it could look as if a completely new government were to join, to change Sweden.

Our priorities are work, security, climate and well-being, the Prime Minister announced and list:

  • The country will be the world’s first fossil-free welfare state, the country will prioritize green transformation and Swedish industry will be at the forefront.
  • There will be more security in working life and more people will go to work.
  • There will be more security in the society by fighting the growing gang crime more powerfully. The motto is that society is always stronger than the gang.
  • Care services must be prioritized, the pandemic has shown how important it is.

Admittedly, many of them are the same priorities as in recent years.

Löfven, who has ruled continuously since 2014, couldn’t help but send a stab at Sweden’s political highest levels – which delivered what many believe was a wholly unnecessary round of crisis.

“He left us here, while the others threw in the towel,” said the Prime Minister, with a certain confidence.

The Prime Minister and the Government met in the National Plan, just after the Swedish Parliament. The good aura distance is still maintained.

Photo: Ali Lorestani/TTT/NTP

This happened حدث

On June 28, it was Stefan Lofven, admittedly, who threw the cards as prime minister. inform Parliament He and the government will resign.

It happened a few days before there was a majority in favor of a historic motion of no-confidence in the government.

Lofven had a choice between resigning or announcing new elections. He chose the former because he did not want to send voters to the polls in a by-election only a year and a half before the regular elections.

The background to the distrust was that the bourgeois Center Party, which supports the government of the Red and Green, demanded that a point be made in the cooperation agreement.

The party believes that a study should be started that Swedish housing developers in the future can get market rent for new apartments.

Renting your own home is more common in Sweden than in Norway, and the housing market is regulated, i.e. rental rates are set centrally.

The problem was that the study requirements for market rents were a red cloth for other of the three pro-government parties, the Left.

The Socialist Party had warned that if an investigation was launched, it would lead to distrust of the government.

Several parties were suspended and Löfven was eventually overthrown by a constellation made up of the Socialist Left Party, which is fiercely opposed to market rents, and the bourgeois parties Moderaterna, Kristdemokraterna and Sverigedemokraterna, which are to Enter the market rent, but even more for to take over government power.

The Center Party and the Liberal Party abstained from voting in the vote of no confidence.

Ulf Christerson, the leader of the moderates, had to realize that he had failed to form a bourgeois government, despite the fact that he had overthrown the previous one.  Here on the way to the Swedish Parliament on July 1 to talk about defeat.

Ulf Christerson, the leader of the moderates, had to realize that he had failed to form a bourgeois government, despite the fact that he and others had overthrown the previous one. Here on his way to the Swedish parliament on July 1 to say he has given up on the governmental mission.

Photo: Stina Stjernkvist / tt / NTB

Then another round followed that ended one step forward and two back.

  • Moderate leader Ulf Christerson He failed to secure sufficient support for the formation of a new bourgeois government.
  • The neo-liberal leader Nyamko Saboni decided to drop the cooperation agreement with the Social Democrats and join the bourgeois bloc, although this meant cooperating with the Swedish Democrats – which the liberals had so far not wanted to deal with at all. .
  • Center Party leader Annie Love chose to drop the inquiry’s demand, sparking a crisis for the entire government. The center will not vote for a red and green government, but it will not vote against either. As for the alternative of supporting a bourgeois government inclined to the Swedish Democrats, this was more irrelevant to the Center Party.
  • The Left Party also supports Löfven more, with some reservations. The same goes for the non-partisan dissident from the Left Party.

Thus, Lovin can form his third government. Not because many were in favor, but because there were not enough opponents. The number of votes was 116 to 173. The maximum opposition was 175 votes, that is, only two votes away.

Center Party leader Annie Loew and Riksdag leader Andreas Norlein during exploratory talks on forming a new government.

The leader of the Riksdag, spokesman Andreas Norlin, has in recent years been accustomed to solving political issues in Sweden. Here during exploratory talks about the latest government with Center Party leader, Annie Love.

Photo: Stina Stjernkvist / AFP

Troubles await in the fall

The Swedish press described the former union leader as a “survival artist”.

The big question is whether the new old prime minister will be able to manage enough political regression until next fall, that the government will last until the next election. The first “pass at the gate” will be the state budget this fall.

The Left Party says they will not vote on a budget over which they have no influence. While the center will not say yes to a negotiated budget with the Left Party.

In addition, she has The Center Party and the Green Party, which are still part of the government, began arguing. It comes down to who should decide the beach and jungle area.

Stefan Löfven responded by putting the biggest problems on the shoulders of some of his most experienced people. He believes it is possible to reach an agreement on the state budget, but says that it requires good backroom talks and good concessions.

I’m sure I’ll be able to make it happen, Stefan Lofven said, noting that “the other side” has proven not to be a substitute.

Transformation happens with the king

The official change of government will take place at 2.15 pm. At Stockholm Castle, the Prime Minister and the new government met King Carl Gustaf and Crown Princess Victoria. Swedish parliament leader Anders Norlin was also present.

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