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Swedish police receive help from Norway during Eurovision

Swedish police receive help from Norway during Eurovision

The party will be here: This is what it looked like at the Malmø Arena on April 11, where Eurovision will be held at the beginning of May. Photograph: Johan Nilsson/TT/AFP/NTP

Norwegian police will help ensure security during the Eurovision contest in Sweden.

He writes Aftonbladet on Tuesday, referring to an interview conducted by police press spokesman Nils Norling SVT Skin.

The police define Eurovision as a very special national event and police from both Norway and Denmark come to help the Swedish police maintain security, as Norling explains in this interview.

The head of the police operations department at the Norwegian Police Directorate, Torgeir Hogen, confirms in an email to VG that the Swedish police sent a request for assistance to the Norwegian police, which was approved.

– The mission is to send Norwegian employees who will help for a week in dealing with possible demonstrations or signs that may appear in connection with the implementation of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, writes Torgeir Haugen.

Police spokesman Nils Norling. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT/TT Nyhytsperan/NTB

He also says up to 100,000 visitors are expected in Malmö from May 5-11, the final big day. Police in Malmö also received several requests to organize demonstrations in connection with the event.

– In principle, there will be police everywhere in Malmö during this period with additional reinforcements where the various landing delegations will remain, says Norling.

When asked whether police from Norway and Denmark would be armed in Malmö, Niels Norling replied:

– They will have their usual equipment when they are here – and it is also possible that there will be Norwegian and Danish police cars in Malmö this week.

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Torgeir Haugen further writes that nOrsk Police receives such requests from time to time, and implementing this assistance is in line with the current “Prom Resolution”.

– It is an agreement that the government has with the European Union on adhering to a set of regulations that allow the Norwegian police to participate in joint operations with police in other countries. The goal would then be to help maintain order and security, and prevent crime, Haugen writes.

It is the Gåte group that will represent Norway during this year's Eurovision in Malmö. Gåte won the MGP final by a historically narrow margin – six points ahead of KEiiNO. The group has also been considering for some time whether to boycott the entire event due to Israel's participation.

– But now we are ready to say that we have chosen to participate, explained vocalist Gunhild Sundli NRC In February.