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Sveriges statsminister Stefan Löfven

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven resigns – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Stefan Lofven (64) resigned as party leader and prime minister in connection with the party’s November national meeting.

– I have an important message: In the election campaign for next year, the SPD will be led by someone other than me, as Leuven declared in his summer speech.

The prime minister had informed his party colleagues before the announcement.

I have informed the party that I will leave my position as party leader at the party congress in November, and then redeem myself as prime minister.

The Social Democrat added that he has now announced his resignation to give time to who will take over as the party’s new leader when the fall comes.

– I am also convinced that a new leader of the party will give the party and the labor movement more new energy, says Leuven.

The decision has matured over time

The 64-year-old has been active in the SPD since he was 13 and became the party’s leader in January 2012. He then resigned as leader of the powerful trade union IF Metall after six years and agreed to become the party’s leader.

Everything has an end and I want to give my successor the best conditions, says Leuven in the letter.

Löfven has been Prime Minister of Sweden since October 3, 2014 and led minority governments for two terms.

The decision has matured over time, the Social Democrat leader admits.

I have been the leader of the party for about ten years, prime minister for seven years. It’s been a wonderful year. But everything has an end.

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When he met the press after his surprise announcement of his resignation at the end of his summer speech in Uckersberg on Sunday, Lofven admitted it was not an easy decision.

– Lovin said it’s not easy, but it’s true.

Scope of motion of no confidence

Until June 28 this year, Löfven led a minority government with the Social Democrats and the Green Party (MP), supported by the Liberals and the Center Party based on the so-called January Agreement.

was the government Blame movement area if rental housing market.

Less than two months ago, it turned out that Stefan Lofven I got the responsibility He leads the country with its government. The parliamentary foundation was weak and the government was approved by a margin of two votes in the Swedish Parliament.

Sixty deputies voted explicitly to “release” the Social Democratic prime minister, and it was not clear how Leuven’s government would get the next state budget.

Regular parliamentary elections will be held in Sweden in the fall of 2022.

Stefan Lofven was a confident Prime Minister of Sweden for 7 difficult years in Swedish politics. He ruled Sweden with low unemployment, restructured the economy and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Støre: – Particularly close cooperation with our Swedish sister party

Stefan Lofven was the confident Prime Minister of Sweden during seven difficult years in Swedish politics. He ruled Sweden with low unemployment, restructuring of the economy and cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, Labor leader Jonas Gahr Stoer tells NRK.

According to Store, the outgoing Swedish prime minister is making good arrangements for a new party leader and new prime minister to take on the Social Democrats before the elections in September next year.

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In the Labor Party, we have a particularly close cooperation with our Swedish sister party, and I have enjoyed very much close contact with Stefan Löfven. He has been a vocal voice against far-right forces and has on many occasions lined up for the AUF and those affected after July 22, most recently on its 10th anniversary this summer.

With his background from the trade union movement and Swedish industries, he was also an important voice in the social democratic family in the Nordic countries and Europe.