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Sveriges statsminister Magdalena Andersson står ute ved eit bord og held pressekonferanse saman med den finske statsministaren i Stockholm, Sverige.

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On Wednesday, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson received Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin in Stockholm. The possibility of becoming a member of NATO was one of the topics on the agenda.

– Anderson said at the press conference I think, as Prime Minister of Sweden, it is very important that we analyze this.

The Swedish prime minister said the Swedish foreign minister and defense minister were working with the party in the Swedish parliament to consider the prospects for Sweden’s membership in NATO.

Based on that, we will make a decision in Sweden on what is best for the Swedish people and Sweden’s security.

Svenska Dagbladet reported earlier today that Anderson wants Sweden to join NATO in June. The prime minister did not comment on the speculation at today’s press conference.

There is no option without risk

In both Finland and Sweden, the NATO debate became more important as a result of the war in Ukraine.

– We talked about the timeline, when the process will begin in Finland and Sweden, and they are not very different. I think there is a good reason for that.

Today, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson held a press conference with Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (right).

Photo: Paul Wennerholm / AP

Prime Minister Andersen said they had received a very comprehensive report from Finland.

– We have a similar process, a little different, but it’s the same in Sweden. No. I think it is important to make a serious analysis and think carefully about these questions.

You see no reason to postpone the analysis or the operation.

Andersson says Finland and Sweden will continue their close cooperation, even though a quarter of the countries have the right to decide on their own.

It is also clear that we must discuss the various possibilities, and there is no option without risk.

I do not agree to the requirements

Andersen’s SPD called a meeting on May 24 where the party, according to Swedish media, will take a final position on the NATO issue.

The Social Democrats will get a decisive vote in the Swedish parliament, the Riksdag.

Among the parties in the Riksdag, there is disagreement over what is required to apply for membership in NATO.

The moderate party believes that a simple majority is sufficient, that is, more than 50 percent of the vote.

On the other hand, the Social Democrats believe that the proposal should get 75 percent of the vote in the Swedish parliament.

Finland announces its decision a week ago

Sana Marine

Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin.

Photo: Paul Wienerholm/AFP

Today the Finnish government presented a report on changes in the country’s security environment. The report will be submitted to the Finnish Parliament for consideration.

According to Prime Minister Sanna Marin, Finland will decide on NATO membership in the near future.

I can’t give a specific time to make a decision, but it will pass quickly. We’re talking about weeks, not months, Marin said during today’s press conference.

She hopes Sweden and Finland will make the same decision on membership.

– It would be good if we made the same choice in the future, but this is not a requirement. But it would be very good to make the same choice and have the same schedule.

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