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Swimming: Diogo Ribeiro receives 30 thousand euros for winning medals

Swimming: Diogo Ribeiro receives 30 thousand euros for winning medals

Diogo Ribeiro will receive €30,000 from the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ) as sports merit awards for the two gold medals he won at the World Swimming Championships. According to the government agency, in the response it sent to More footballThe Benfica athlete will receive 25,000 euros for the Olympic event, the 100m Mariposa, and 5,000 euros for the 50m Mariposa, which is a non-Olympic event.

“These sports merit awards are regulated under Order No. 332-A/2018 of December 27, which is under review, after the last meeting of the National Sports Council,” the Office of the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports said.

Moreover, the Portuguese moves to the first level of the “Olympic Project”, which gives him a monthly grant of 1,750 euros (along with the athlete, the coach also receives the equivalent of 80 percent of this amount). “Diogo Ribeiro is also integrated into the Gamor High Performance Center and is also a student of the school's High Performance Support Unit (Escola Fonseca Benevides, in Lisbon), allowing him to combine distance learning with highly productive training and competitions. “

You will recall that Diogo Ribeiro arrived in Portugal this morning, after his “fantastic participation”, in the words of the Foreign Minister's Office, in the Qatar World Swimming Championships. The young athlete won two gold medals, the first for Portugal at the World Swimming Championships.

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