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Swiss group buys part of Magalhães - Technologies

Swiss group buys part of Magalhães – Technologies

The Swiss tech giant also wants to buy the entire distribution division of JP Sá Couto, the Portuguese company from Matosinhos, which became famous for developing Magalhães computers, which was one of the symbols of José Sócrates’ rule.

The deal, which still needs regulatory approval and whose value has not been disclosed, was announced this morning through a joint press release from the two companies. The agreement implies acquisition, by also, Marketing rights for educational platform and gaming brand JP Sá Couto in Europe, complementing the experience and advancing that technology in these areas.

“It was very important for us to find a new owner for most of our operations that will continue what we have built over the past 30 years, while JP Sá Couto Holding will continue to invest in education projects in Portugal and around the world,” said Jorge Manuel Fidalgo Martins Sa Couto in the statement. Chairman of the GB Group.

With this acquisition, it now also makes available its three business models in the markets in which JP Sá Couto is present, with cloud services, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. On the other hand, the transition of games and educational services to the platforms of the Swiss group will allow it to reach a larger number of users.

Negotiations have been going on for several months to buy the distribution business unit, jp.di. As for JP Sá Couto, it will remain active, focusing on educational projects based on technology.

“This is a potential opportunity to ensure the growth of jp.di, allowing it to continue its excellent performance to date. This operation will allow jp.di to expand the range of solutions and services available to its customers, while maintaining its structure, culture and way of being,” JP leader Sá Couto explained to Negócios, Stressing that the company “will continue to be present in the global market.”

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The Swiss group has been shopping, having already made acquisitions in Spain, in October, in Italy, in November, and most recently in Hungary this month.

“We are constantly following our strategy, improving our ecosystem and creating additional growth opportunities. At the same time, we are constantly increasing our knowledge and vertical expertise to drive monetization,” says Gustavo Müller-Herget, CEO of Also Holdings.

In May this year, JP Sá Couto won an international public tender to supply school students in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with 47,300 laptop computers, a five-month contract worth US$12 million.

The news was updated at 10:29 with clarification from JP Sá Couto and an indication of the distribution of the business unit to be sold.