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Iga Świątek przyznała, że wynik meczu drugiej rundy Wimbledonu z holenderską tenisistką Lesley Pattinamą Kerkhove 6:4, 4:6, 6:3 odzwierciedla to, jak się ona czuje w grze na trawie. "O każde zwycięstwo trzeba będzie walczyć, samo ono nie przyjdzie" - dodała.

Switek: I’ve always been learning to play on grass

Iga Svitek admitted that the second round result of Wimbledon against Dutch tennis player Leslie Pattinama Kerkov 6: 4, 4: 6, 6: 3 reflects how she feels in the grass game. “You have to fight for every victory, it doesn’t come by itself” – he added.

The Pole at No. 1 prevailed against a much lower-ranked opponent in three sets after a tougher-than-expected match.

I know Patinama Kerkov plays well and bets everything on one card. I know what it’s like to play without expectations and complications. She took advantage of the situation and played well. I wanted to continue my plan. I felt that my competitor might hesitate at some point, because sometimes it is like that. It did, because she started making a few more mistakes, which I used later – Sviatek said at the post-match press conference.

Asked if he had any doubts during the match, he replied: A tennis match is so long and there are so many breaks that a lot of thinking can arise. The question is what I will do with them and whether I will stick with them or not. Sometimes, even if I lose a set, now I can play better and I have a feeling that it helps. I have already learned to play, e.g. A third set with a completely new approach and a clean card, so thoughts like that come up, but it doesn’t really matter.

After the previous match, the world number one insisted that he still needs to get used to playing on grass and that he is not as sure as he is on other surfaces. I will not hide that this is not a moment where I can be one hundred percent confident in my game on grass, and I am always learning. You can see that I don’t play as well on other surfaces. I can play better if I have more time to play on grass. It’s four weeks every year, so it’s not enough she explained.

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I remember last year, when I won 6-1, 6-1 very smoothly in the third round, it gave me a false sense of having bitten the grass, which was not the case. Today’s result is a reflection of how I feel. It gives me the feeling that you have to fight for everything and not necessarily something – she said.

Ika Svitek advanced to the third round of Wimbledon after a tough battle.