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Schweiz gegen Spanien: Tipps, Quoten, Bilanz und Statistik. Alle Infos zum EM-Viertelfinale 2021 – findet ihr hier.

Switzerland and Spain Tip: Statistics, Tip, Contradictions, Balance and Forecast: Who will win the quarterfinals of EM 2021?

On July 2, 2021 Switzerland And Spain First Quarter final The In 2021. Both teams advanced to the next round with a spectacular round of 16 games. After the Spaniards had early difficulties, they added it to the tournament. In the second round, Luis Enrique’s team made life difficult when they won the game only in extra time, leaving a comfortable lead against Croatia. This is different with Switzerland. The Swiss showed great determination against the world champion from France and were able to play the game after falling behind. Fine shooter Decide for yourself.

  • How is Statistics In two teams?
  • How she looks Forecast Before the game and how they look Contradictions?
  • All information about Node of European Championship Quarter 2021 You go here.

Switzerland and Spain: Pre-Quarter figures, balance sheet and current format

Both national teams had to go to the current 16 rounds IN Overtime (Spain) and even up to the penalty shootout in Switzerland. The Spaniard He has not lost any games in this match so far. Two tracks and one win are the name of the balance sheet Team status. It was 3: 3 after 90 minutes against Croatia. Only in extra time can you win the game. In Switzerland The balance is not so good. You only entered one of the first four third party groups 16th Round. In recent times after the victory against France, the Swiss can count on anything. Both national teams have played against each other four times since 2010. None of these games have more than two goals. Both teams could each decide a game for themselves, and twice the teams split with a draw.

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In particular, there have been three very close matches recently: two 1: 1 and 1: 0 wins for Spain in the Nations League. Football portal The goal difference of 40:14 in favor of the Spaniards in the last 20 matches. Both teams have so far won one E.M. At the World Championships, five times. Here, in 2010, Switzerland’s only win so far against Spain came so far (1-0). Otherwise Spain have three wins and one draw with a goal difference of 11: 5 in favor of Spain.

EM Quarter 2021: It speaks for Switzerland:

After the conspiracy against World Champion France The Swiss are no longer afraid of an enemy. Filled with self-confidence and high motivation they face the game against them Spain Opposite. After the last knockout round match, the Swiss showed their determination. Team in Coach Vladimir Petkovic But be careful that you do not rest on your laurels and that you do not go to the quarterfinals against La Rose. Because, then, it’s hard to stand up to a strong bass spaniel for more than 90 minutes. In addition, the national team must be at the top Captain Granit Shaga (Yellow blocked) Discount.

EM Quarter 2021: It speaks to Spain:

The Spaniards are in a good mood: they have scored ten goals in the last two games. The Spanish national team All doubts about the ability to close the gate may be pointed out. Team Coach Louis Enrique The starting line-up played in a competitive format despite minor changes. At first it was ridiculed, now more fear. Capturing the ball is linked to goal risk. A big challenge for every opponent.

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Forecast and Tip: Who will win the quarterfinals of EM 2021?

Both teams are against each other 16th Round Very hot shot. Both Switzerland and Spain are exploding with confidence. Despite past duels between the two National teams No. Thor view, But this time it may be different. Switzerland have scored seven goals in their last four games. The Spaniards have scored ten goals in their last two games. A lot Racing experts Admit it: be in this game கிழி Fall. But one does not expect an extension. After 90 minutes there will be a winner. Although Switzerland has cheered all football fans against France, we consider it Spain Win the game at regular time and advance to the semifinals.

All information about the game at a glance

  • Teams: Switzerland, Spain
  • Competition: European Football Championship 2021, quarterfinals
  • Date and time: 07/02/2021, 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: Gosprom Arena (St. Petersburg, Rusland)
  • Referee: Michael Oliver (UK)
  • Assistants: Stuart Burt, Simon Bennett (both UK)
  • Fourth Officer: OVTU Alin Hadegan (Romania)

Best Tips and Contradictions for Switzerland Against Spain: Bookmaker By Comparison

Contradictions for Switzerland’s Success:

  • 5.20 bei regular
  • 5.50 in Pet 3000
  • 5.75 in biv
  • 5.75 on Bet365
  • 6.00 in Unipet

Contradictions for a tie:

  • 3.80p regular
  • 3.80 in Pet 3000
  • 3.70 in PV
  • 3.85 on Bet365
  • 3.85 in Unipet

Contradictions to Spain’s success:

  • 1.67p regular
  • Bet3000 at 1.65
  • 1.65 in PV
  • Bet365 at 1.68
  • 1.67 in Unipet

Racing Tip for Spain vs. Spain:

  • Over 2.5 goals (at least three goals in 90 minutes): 2.04 at Unipet
  • Win Spain and both teams Score: 3.50 in Bivin
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Where will the quarterfinals of EM 2021 between Switzerland and Spain be televised?

The European Championship quarterfinals Between Switzerland And Spain From 5:05 p.m. Free-TV im ZDF Exchange. The game can be viewed in a live stream, in parallel with what is broadcast on free television. You can watch the game live ZDF Mediathek Follow.

All information about Transfer from Switzerland against Spain You are here: July 2, 2021

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