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Switzerland's Zion's Tears Third in Italy's Eurovision Song Contest -

Switzerland’s Zion’s Tears Third in Italy’s Eurovision Song Contest –

Italy wins Eurovision 2021 music competition on Saturday evening.

Thanks to the powerful performance of the meneskin group of rockers who performed “Giti e Pooni”, Italy outperformed the favorite, ahead of France.

Considered a foreigner, Crurian John’s Tears did better than Bernice Luca Hanny, who finished fourth in 2019 with his song “She Got Me”.

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It has been 20 years since a Romant no longer represented Switzerland in the final, and the Swiss candidate has no longer delivered a song in French. Most recent: Michael van der Hyde and his title is “It’s Raining Gold”.

The performance of Friforgios John’s tears in the final of Eurovision 2021:

News on Eurovision 2021 / Video / 2 min Jon’s Tears Performance. / Yesterday at 23:11

Health bubble

Health conditions forced the event by millions of spectators each year, making it the first time in the tournament’s history to renew itself after being canceled in 2020.

The pre-screened 3,500 spectators were allowed to attend the semifinals, finals and six costume rehearsals. This represents 20% of the capacity of the performance hall.

Since the competition began, candidates have been locked in a “special bubble” and tested daily.

Despite this, the Dutchman who won in 2019, Duncan Lawrence, tested positive. So it didn’t happen live on Saturday night. The same was the case with the Icelandic group Daci Oak Kagnamagnik, and it aired as a video of their rehearsal, which changed their live performance.

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Gray with agencies

“Giti e Pooni” song by Meneskin, the Italian band that won Eurovision 2021: