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Synopsis of "Amour Amour": Leandro is hospitalized and discovers a new disease

Synopsis of “Amour Amour”: Leandro is hospitalized and discovers a new disease

Angela and Pepe entered Romeo’s house. In a mixture of anger and relief, Angela ran to Sandra, who was lying on the sofa. Pepe evaluates the reactions of Mel and Ricky, who were nervous. Angela caress Sandra’s face and warns Mel that she will pay a heavy price for what she has done.

Katya sets the tables at the bar for another working day. Dora comes in and looks around and makes sure the two are on their own. Then he asked if she and Evaristo had something to do with it. Cátia realizes his intention and says they still don’t live together and it’s not official. They will only announce the relationship when they feel ready.

At the publishing house, Mel plays her part by saying she feels guilty for destabilizing Sandra the day before. Angela receives a call from Gabriel, telling her what happened to Leandro. Mel begins to grieve and her eyes fill with tears.

At the hospital, the doctor told Leandro that he had pneumonia and that he would have to go to the hospital to receive antibiotics. Gabriel enters and scolds Leandro, and says he has to change his life.

Rebeca tries to bring Márcio into the studio. Pepe is waiting impatiently, but Marcio refuses to go, and wants to go back to military school. Watching everything, Valentim asks Rebecca to speak alone with her son. The two head to the studio. Valentim tells Marcio that he can make a battalion at any time in his life, and tells him to enjoy the world of music now that he is young and has talent.

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Leandro is relieved that he has never had a tumor again. He asks Andre to go get beer. Andrei hesitates because of the antibiotic, but goes to get it.

Dora talked with Shakira about Evaristo, but she did not pay attention. Shakira finds a youth competition that guarantees a scholarship to any college in the world and is interested in it.

Angela complains to Rebecca from Marcio. Valentim approaches Marcio and says he has decided to stay in the band. Rebecca is excited. Valentine invites Angela to dinner and she accepts. Rebecca says they can go to Bürger because she owes Valentine a favor.

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