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Tablets up to 200 euros: discover good options

Tablets up to 200 euros: discover good options

There are so many tablets out there, with very different specifications and prices, that the choice can be less straightforward. But the truth is that you don't need to spend a fortune to buy capable and well-made equipment.

The DECO PROteste tablet comparison tool is the right tool to compare quality and price. The consumer organization highlights three devices that perform well and cost at least 200 euros.

Three discs start at less than 200 euros

Hey Xiaomi Redmi iPad SE Perhaps this will be a discovery of 2023. At a starting price of 169 euros, it is highly recommended for both the average Android user and someone with a slightly more demanding profile. After all, this 11-inch diagonal Android 11 tablet features 4GB of RAM, very powerful hardware and a generous 128GB of storage.

The second proposal below 200 euros, and more specifically, from 180 euros, also comes from the Chinese manufacturer. Hey Xiaomi Redmi Pad 64GB 3GB It has a diagonal of 10 inches and offers 64GB of storage space. It has very convincing performance, with emphasis on screen and battery life, and is a solid choice for most users.

Slightly lower performance Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 It offers a good balance of performance, features and price – starting at €146 – attributes that make it a good choice for entertainment and productivity. Slim, light and elegantly designed for easy portability, it is made of metal and is available in graphite, silver and dark blue.

Usage profile tracking

to children, it is recommended to use a large screen that allows you to watch cartoons, play games, carry out educational activities, and install parental controls, which, for example, limit access to certain websites or their use for a certain number of hours. A used device, or a family tablet, is ideal. If you have young children, invest in a resistant protective cover. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the device will not last long. Tablets designed for young children are far from unanimous.

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actually Teenagers Continuous use of social networks. The best option would be a tablet with a very large screen, a good camera and access to mobile Internet via 3G or 4G (for example, a smartphone and tablet two in one).

Students take notes during classes or work on documents students Need a tablet with a large screen. It must be suitable for word processing, preferably with a separate keyboard and pen, and be easy to transport. Mobile Internet is not always necessary: ​​Wi-Fi access may be sufficient.

A physical keyboard is necessary for Professional writing and usage. On Windows tablets, the touchpad is integrated into the keyboard, making it similar to using a laptop.

to Draw and edit photos and videosThe pen allows for more precise performance. On newer tablets, pen text entry is fast. A big screen is also welcome.

On one Professional useSure, the iPad Pro is a powerful processing machine, but it can cost more than a thousand euros, making it unaffordable for many.