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"Take a picture with Messi": a lecture in the first half between Saudi Arabia and Argentina

“Take a picture with Messi”: a lecture in the first half between Saudi Arabia and Argentina

Saudi Arabia stunned the world by defeating Argentina 2-1In the 2022 World Cup. The Saudis were able to reach the break at a disadvantage due to a goal scored by Messi, but they were able to turn the match around thanks to the goals of Al-Shehri and Al-Souri.

Part of the Saudi shift can be explained by coach Hervé Renard’s speech, which was released on Thursday. The Frenchman criticized his players’ attitude in the first half, particularly the pressure they put (or didn’t put) on Lionel Messi.

“What are we doing here? This is our pressure? Pressing means going further in the field. Messi has the ball in the middle of the field and you are still waiting in defense! Take your mobile phones and take a picture with him if you want to. Those at the front, in defense, should follow.” We warned you and you saw what they did? Don’t you feel anything? Don’t believe we can turn the game around? Don’t you feel? They are playing comfortably. Let’s go guys. This is the World Cup! You have to give everything. When they are in front of the area, they seem So.. be active.

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Perhaps the Saudi turn against Messi and his comrades began with Renard’s words. Watch the video lecture below:

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