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Talesize.  New information about the accident in which the mother and daughter died.  Three people were arrested

Talesize. New information about the accident in which the mother and daughter died. Three people were arrested

Reported by, The accident happened on Sunday evening, August 15th. A family of four was walking down the sidewalk on Kościelna Street in Tolstoy, Keells County (Świętokrzyskie Province). At one point, the driver of a passenger car went into the sidewalk.

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Talesize. A 38-year-old mother and her daughter have died. Last time, the father saved his son from an accident

– The driver probably left the road, drove down the sidewalk and ran over the woman Child. Unfortunately, the lives of the 38-year-old and four-year-old girl could not be saved, Bolshoi News reported. Damien Janus from Provincial Police Headquarters in Keells.

The father, who caught his son and saved him from the accident, left without avoiding the accident. The Volkswagen driver did not help the injured and fled the scene.

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Authorities quickly tracked down the car involved in the crash. The 39-year-old owner of the vehicle was detained at a property in Tales Size. That same evening, police officers arrested two more, aged 33 and 35. They were all drunk.

It is not yet known who was in charge of the passenger car. – We determine which man was behind the wheel of the car during this tragic event and who were the passengers. Today the culprit of the accident can be determined – said the young Asp. In an interview with Damien Janus BAP.

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The map of road accidents on the police website has a dangerous end for the 2021 holidays. Since the start of the holiday season, there have been 281 accidents in Poland, eight of which occurred in the last 24 hours. As a result of these events, 57 people died. “The current update of the map, including visualization, aims to draw attention to the extent of accidents on Polish roads, reflect road users and encourage the media to discuss road safety,” the statement said.