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Taliban after US exit: - We made history - VG

Taliban after US exit: – We made history – VG

Abroad: Some of the last military transport planes took off from Kabul airport earlier on Monday.

The last American planes took off from Kabul, and the Taliban control the Kabul airport. The Pentagon confirms that the last soldier left Afghanistan.


– We made history. Anas Haqqani, a Taliban leader, wrote on Twitter that the 20-year US and NATO occupation of Afghanistan ended last night.

“I am very happy and proud to be able to experience this historic moment after 20 years of jihad, sacrifices and adversity,” he writes.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid wrote that “our country gained complete independence” when the last US soldiers left Afghanistan.

Thank God he continues.

According to Reuters, US President Joe Biden asked the Secretary of State to lead the work of international partners to ensure that those who want to leave Afghanistan can do so safely.

– scary

The Pentagon confirms that the US military has now left Kabul. Thus, the 20-year war ended.

An AFP correspondent in Kabul reported that the sounds of gunfire in the air in celebration were heard from several checkpoints across the city.
– it’s scary. I felt much safer with the Americans. Now I feel the Taliban can do whatever they like. Now no one can monitor them, says a Norwegian citizen hiding in Kabul.

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When VG spoke to him at 23 hours Norwegian time on Monday night, the Taliban fired for 40 minutes.

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– It looks like I’m in a war zone now. It’s entirely possible that the Taliban are celebrating, but the way they’re shooting now, the bullets they’re firing have to fall somewhere and that’s scary.

The man tried to evacuate before From Kabul several times in vain and is now hiding with his family. VG knows his identity, but chose to hide his identity for security reasons.

– I hope Norway and the rest of NATO will now put pressure on the Taliban so that they have to open the airport. We have to evacuate. Here is not safe.

The US alone has evacuated more than 120,000 people from Kabul since the operation began just before the Taliban took control of the Afghan capital on August 14.

A deadline has been set for Tuesday to complete the evacuation.

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According to several reports from journalists covering the conflict, a group of five or six US planes had left the airport when Monday became Tuesday.

This was confirmed by Taliban guard Hamad Sherzad outside the airport, who was the first to report that the last five planes had taken off around midnight on Tuesday.

Announcing the end of the evacuation, General Frank McKenzie, commander of US Central Command, announced that the last plane had taken off a minute before midnight.

A Taliban spokesman said the movement had taken control of the airport.

Norway evacuated more than a thousand people from Kabul, but halted the operation after the terrorist attack at the airport on Thursday. The soldiers who operated the Norwegian field hospital at the airport, on Monday, landed in Norway.

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