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TAP eject bottle.  The government has already chosen who will replace him

TAP eject bottle. The government has already chosen who will replace him

MEagle Frassilo is leaving TAP and will no longer be part of the company’s new board of directors. The news was submitted by prefix meaning environment and confirmed Minute News. Manuel Beja is the government’s pick for TAP’s “Chief”.

Manuel Beja, a graduate of Applied Mathematics in Economics and Management, has experience in the IT field and was previously at Novabase.

According to the same newspaper, the replacement of Miguel Frasello is a surprise and he was not informed of the decision until Tuesday.

This decision was based on the fact that the Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, imposed a “complete change” in the management of the airline, which led to the dismissal of Frasquilo.

The Executive Committee Chair was also named Christine Ormeres-Widner, a director with a career in the aviation sector.

The remaining names to be proposed to the board are Ramiro Sequera, Alexandra Reyes, Joao Gameiro, Jose Manuel Silva Rodriguez, Silvia Mosquera Gonzalez, Patricio Ramos Castro, Ana Teresa Leman, Gonzalo Montero Perez and Joao Pedro da Conceicao Duarte.

The proposal must be approved at the general meeting scheduled for June 24, for which the notice of the call has already been announced.

European Commission ‘green light’ for TAP restructuring plan It should only arrive by the end of June. This date has been extended, and was due until March.

In March, it should be remembered, TAP’s president, Miguel Frasillo, said that approval of the TAP restructuring plan should take place “between April and May”.

At the time, Frasello revealed there was a “feeling” that the European Commission “considers the plan as solid, credible and flexible”.

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