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TAP Orders Dozens of BMW's for CEOs and Senior Managers - Observer

TAP Orders Dozens of BMW’s for CEOs and Senior Managers – Observer

TAP has ordered dozens of BMWs for its executives and senior managers, delivery in Hybrids have a market value of 52 to 65 thousand euros. The cars, which will start arriving early next year, will replace the airline’s current fleet of cars, which consists mainly of Peugeot, Submit this Tuesday to CNN Portugal.

TAP justified the purchase of “electric hybrid vehicles, instead of the current diesel” for “environmental reasons”, but also with “Tax Advantages Associated with These Less Polluting Vehicles”.

While TAP is implementing a bailout program adding up to 3.2 billion euros from taxpayers, CNN Portugal has questioned the airline as to why it is not considered low-cost vehicles. The company responded that “options available to managers are also beginning to include branding.” excellentIt has better rentals compared to other brands, thanks to better residual values ​​at the end of the decade.”

CNN Portugal said it has secured an initial order for 79 BMWs, of the 5 Series, X2 and X3. The The airline guarantees the presence of 50 “units” And that “a tender has been put on the market, according to TAP’s procurement guide, and six entities in the Portuguese market have been invited to participate” – whose names were not mentioned.

TAP also stated that it will spend less money on Leasing (Monthly lease payments) for cars with a new fleet compared to the old fleet. However, he did not say what monthly cost the new fleet would incur.

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