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TAP's pilots propose the same logic of fleet renewal to restore working conditions - Current Affairs

TAP’s pilots propose the same logic of fleet renewal to restore working conditions – Current Affairs

In a statement sent to members, which Lusa was able to access, the Civil Aviation Pilots Association (SPAC) similarly cites “It is not enough that Caesar’s wife be serious, she must appear serious” to criticize TAP’s choice.

“According to the logic of justification on the part of those who have chosen to buy cars at this very sensitive time, which depends on miraculous savings, we propose the same logic of ‘spend more, save’ in order to restore workers’ dignity,” it reads. If in the guild message.

The subject of discussion is the news provided by TVI/CNN Portugal and the portal Away that TAP has ordered a new fleet of BMW cars for management and managers, to replace those of Peugeot.

In the memo, SPAC asserts that “while some have brutal cuts in their salaries, when there are still ongoing dismissals and when the quality of life is conditioned to others, at the same time, the parking lot is renewed for management positions,” arguing that “for the existence of social peace, The existence of social justice is imperative.”

In this context, it is considered that the “new attitude” to “spend” should cover pilots in restoring working conditions.

“If this does not happen, we will be really surprised and forced to believe in the hypothesis that the TAP administration either does not want to apply the financial surplus in the just substitution of working conditions of workers, or there is no financial surplus and fleet renewal was paid with cuts to workers’ wages,” the statement added.

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TAP argues that the renewal of the car fleet for management and managers allows to save 630 thousand euros per year, justifying that the decision was based on this rationale with compliance with contracts.

The Executive Committee wishes to make clear that TAP has a combined fleet of vehicles for management and managers, under an operational “leasing” scheme. With the option we offered, we save up to 630 thousand euros annually, if we keep the cars we have today,” says TAP in an internal statement, which Lusa had access to.

TAP justifies that there are 50 cars at stake, for which a tender has been put on the market, with six entities invited to participate in the Portuguese market.

“The chosen offer was the lowest priced, with a monthly income of 500 euros. For reference, other offers to TAP at a competitive value included monthly rents of 750 euros,” explained the company’s executive committee, in the statement.

Also today, the National Civil Aviation Staff Association (SNPVAC), in a statement accessible to Lusa, said the renewal of the TAP fleet is causing “a great deal of shame on the part of others,” considering that if not a sign of willingness to raise crew salaries is an administrative act. “shameful”.

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, also responded to today’s news, noting that the Portuguese airline was a “logical problem”.

“I have already spoken in relation to many public entities in the past and in relation to dividends and in relation to salaries and I understand that when you are in a difficult period, an effort must be made to set an example of containment,” defended Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

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In the opinion of the president, it is understandable that companies make expenses, but he advocated the need to “have some common sense” when the country and the world are going through a “difficult period”.