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Salvatierra de Magos – May 8, 2022

2022-05-08 17:00:00

Submission and Courage Awards: Passanha and António Silva

In the afternoon of the Livestock Contest, Presentation Prizes and a Braphora were at the ready.
Prizes were distributed to:

an offer – Basanha
courage – doctor. Antonio Silva

The jury is composed of: Vasco Lucas, Antonio Manuel Barata Gómez, Miguel Ortega Claudio, and Pedro Graciosa

Sixth bull – Antonio Telles son (Basanha – 620 kg)

The second and final performance of the young Antonio Telles Filho, in Salvatierra, was more discreet than the first, now facing the “cunning” Basanha.
The fight was enough given the raw materials in front of him, but his performance, which featured a high-quality iron, also had a strong twist on his shorts.
Finished well with a heart of palm.

Antonio Tomas, of Amadores de Couros, fished on the first attempt.

Antonio Telles son – Returns
Antonio Thomas (GFA Coruche) – Returns

Fifth bull – Francisco Balla (Antonio Silva – 590 kg)

Fantastic performance by Francisco Balha in front of a beautiful bull from Antonio Silva’s cattle ranch.
The bull was not only worthy of the “picture”, but was also good, voiced, movable and display capable of movement.
Mulch was not lost, he was here, he showed up, he dealt with manners, he dealt bravely, with race, he is also with the transmission.
Really good in meetings, the audience stands up when back in the arenas.

Francisco Graciosa of Amadores de Santarem had to make the first attempt.

Francisco Balha – Returns
Francisco Graciosa (GFA Santarém) – Returns

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Fourth bull – Louis Rosinol (Prodencio – 610 kg)

Rouxinol ended his visit to Salvatierra by fighting a rancher from Prudêncio, with his “keys” but this did not give the bullfighter any facilities.
After the initial equipment was finished, he “drawn” the Roxinolle d’Oro and surrounded it… Leaving the usual equipment without much history, and finished with a palm flip, it was probably the best of his second turn.

Joao Prats, of the Grupo de Forcados Amadores de Coruche, made the first attempt.

Louis Nightingale – Returns
Joao Prats and First Aid (GFA Coruche) – Returns

The third bull – son of Antonio Telles (Veiga Teixeira – 570 kg)

António Telles Filho’s growing performance against Veiga Teixeira’s bull collaborator, delivered well and with trapio.
Telles left a very good first note, and went on angrily ending his luck and without anyone interrupting his journey. The third was a light bagonazo, but since then everything has been a build of ripe faina, firm and rising in tone with each iron.
The last two were of several carats.

The second hunt, intended for the Grupo de Forcados Amadores de Santarém, was made on the first attempt by Francisco Paulos.

Antonio Telles son – Returns
Francisco Bollos (GFA Santarém) – Returns

The second bull – Francisco Balla – (Canas Vigoro – 565 kg)

The second bull that came out to the ring, on the afternoon of the livestock competition, was wearing an iron Canas Vigoro, it was kind of pisco and ugly in kind, allowing itself to be handled …
His captain was in charge of the jockey, Francisco Balha, for the first time in the field after the surgery he underwent.
Palha did a good job in the concept of combat, as well as in the approaches to the opponent, strictly leaving the devices of the system, trying to give the truth to his work.

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Thiago Gonçalves, of Amadores de Couros, had a great catch on the first try.

Francisco Balha – Returns
Thiago Gonçalves (GFA Coruche) – Returns

First bull – Louis Rosinol – (São Marcos – 520 kg)

The jockey Louis Rouxinol opened the job, very well.
The knight of Pegões left long corrections, so that in shorts he enriched his record with great value, the tightly knit brega, taking with him the cooperative bull of São Marcos.
The short pandrill was of great note, coming out to finish sort of.
It ended with a violin and a pair of bandillas, so they agreed on the occasion, A Touch on the Mountain.

The first hunt in the afternoon, led by Salvador Ribeiro de Almeida, dressed in a Santarem Amadores jacket, was completed on the first attempt.

Louis Nightingale – Returns
Salvador Ribeiro de Almeida (GFA Santarém) – Returns


TouroeOuro is back live, so here you are the first to know what’s appropriate at bullfighting shows.

The Bullring in Salvatierra de Magosopened its doors again, this time, for the first time this season, in order to get “The 6th Repatijo Tomato Farmers’ Race”.

racing in shape “G Contest”You will go out to the square, cattle Sao Marcos, Canas Vigoro, Vega Teixeira, Prudencio, Antonio Silva and BasanhaTheir duties will be the responsibility of the knights Luis Rosinol, Francesco Balha and son of Antonio Telles.

The handles will be on account Collections of amateur Pitchforks from Santarém and Coruche.

The compliments were already rendered, with the bullfighting track recording about three-quarters of the entry.

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The show will be moderated by Torumaqueco Technical Representative Marco Cardoso with the assistance of veterinarian Jose Luis Cruz.

Before the start of the celebration, there was a minute of silence for the jockeys Vasco Taborda, José Samuel Lupe and singer Francisco Martins.