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Tax authorities paid 73,000 IRS returns and 54,000 were compensated

Tax authorities paid 73,000 IRS returns and 54,000 were compensated

MLess than two weeks after the IRS campaign began, 1,977,420 tax returns were filed, of which 821,443 (42%) were filed through the IRS automatic.

According to data from the Ministry of Finance, 73,155 of this total were paid, with 54,492 returning 51.1 million euros in taxes to the taxpayer, giving an average payback of around 990 euros. These recoveries have already been processed and the funds started on Wednesday to access the taxpayers’ account, the day about 4 million euros were paid, according to Minister of State for Tax Affairs, Antonio Mendonca, in a statement by Lusa.

Among these first settlements, there are still 4,500 collection notes with taxpayers aiming to pay € 1.7 million from the IRS – which can be done until August 31 – and 14,163 cases where there is no place to pay or pay taxes.

Although taxpayers have the period between April 1 and June 30 to file their IRS return regardless of which income class they received in 2020, data published by the Finance Gateway indicate that they have only had retirement or work income for others. This advertising commitment is fulfilled faster.

According to the finance portal, so far less than 400,000 people with other types of income have filed an IRS declaration.

The law states that the IRS must be completed by July 31, with tax paid or refunded (by repayment) by August 31.

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