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Taylor Swift's explicit sexual fakeouts are creating a new bill in the US – the Internet

Taylor Swift's explicit sexual fakeouts are creating a new bill in the US – the Internet

Explicit sexual images of singer Taylor Swift were circulated by artificial intelligence on social networking sites, in addition to many other similar cases, Stimulated the creation of a new law proposal in the United States.

a Challenge Code (disable explicit fake photos and non-consensual edits). Objectives Protect victims of sexually explicit digital fraud by giving them the opportunity to seek legal action, And hold those who create and publish this type of content accountable.

a an offerintroduced by Democratic and Republican Senators, defines digital forgery as visual representations, Created through the use of “software, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or other computerized or technological means”Designed to look authentic.

Individuals targeted by the DEFIANCE Act include not only those who produce inauthentic images or videos with the intention of distributing them, but also those who produce, distribute, or receive such content with the knowledge that the victim did not consent, or completely ignore the lack of consent.

In a statement to senators indicate that The volume of deepfakes circulating online is increasing dramatically. At the same time, the technology used to create this type of content is becoming increasingly available to the public.

“Although the images are fake, the harm to victims of the distribution of sexually explicit images is very real,” said Democratic Senator Dick Durbin.

“By introducing this proposal, we are giving power back to victims, fighting the distribution of deepfakes and holding accountable those who create them,” the senator says.

In line with Dick Durbin, Republican Senator Josh Hawley confirms this No one, whether a celebrity or an ordinary citizen, should go through a similar situation What happened to Taylor Swift. “Innocent people have the right to defend their reputations.”He adds that the proposal aims to make this a reality.

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in the United States of America, Many countries have already imposed restrictions and measures to make sharing deep porn images illegal, but they have not had the expected effect. And in New York State, Democratic lawmakers recently reintroduced a bill that would make sharing manipulated, non-consensual pornographic images a federal crime.

The White House also responded to the issue. Last weekend, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre pointed this out The Biden administration was “concerned” about the circulation of fake images, manipulated by artificial intelligence, on social media, ABC News reported.

“While social media companies can make independent decisions about content moderation, we believe they play an important role in enforcing their rules to prevent the spread of misinformation and non-consensual intimate images of real people.” , highlighted Karine Jean-Pierre.

It seems, The deepfake of singer Taylor Swift originated on a Telegram channel dedicated to producing offensive images of women through artificial intelligence. One of the tools used by group members is Microsoft Designerwhich allows you to create images from text.

in Interview with NBC, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, considered the case “disturbing and terrible.” Recognizing that the technology industry still has a lot to do to prevent such situations from continuing to occur.