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Tczew poviat.  New Councilors of Tczew Poviat Council "Poviat 2023" established

Tczew poviat. New Councilors of Tczew Poviat Council “Poviat 2023” established

The councilors decided on a new alliance agreement and formed a joint club councilors of Tczew Poviat Council “Poviat 2023”. The application was received by Barbara Kamiska, chairwoman of the district council. As the founders of the new club explain, it is about the real breakdown of the existing alliance agreement. On June 16, 2021 in Guinea, 10 councilors of the DCG Bowie Council signed a renewed coalition agreement of councilors.

As representatives of “Bowie 2023” told us, the move is the result of the actual breakdown of the current coalition agreement, which ended on November 15, 2018, which includes PO and PnP members, votes, positions taken and some speeches by councilors, party members – so far forming the coalition. At the same time, the “Boviat 2023” club has become the largest club of councilors operating on the Tczew Poviat Council for the 6th time.

The members of the new club handed over the function of the president of the club to Councilor Andrzej Demsky, and Councilor Gabriela McCas was elected vice-president.

The councilors who are members of the “Boviet 2023” club decided that the club would function until the end of the current district council term, and the councilors who formed it retained their current political identity and institutional affiliation.

– Acting on the formula of new and largest councilors will enhance the effectiveness of communication and mutual consultation before taking on important matters and tasks for Bowie – he said. Andrzej Demsky, Chairman of the Council of Councilors “Boviet 2023”. – We look forward to continuing the things and tasks that have been effectively initiated and implemented in the current period of the Tczew Poviat Council.

So what will the members of the newly formed club focus on?

– Organizational changes in Bowie’s Stardust based on the above-mentioned tasks, in particular, further stabilizing Bowie’s funds, improving service to residents, improving operational performance and staff working conditions, and improving Bowie’s status. Improving medical services and financial conditions in collaboration with Roads and Road Infrastructure Management and Cooperation, development of health and education programs, support for NGOs, improvement of school system market and population changes and adaptation learning and working conditions, modernization of maintenance facilities and buildings, and Bowie and D. Decentralization of the Management System in Stardust at .CU Bowieat – Refers to the President of the Club.

The Council of Councilors of Tczew Poviat Council “Powiat 2023” is as follows: Gabriel Magos, Vysava Tomasveska, Alija Gazevska, Bokton Patjiong, Piotroka, Andrzej Demsky, Krstysztof Korda, Marek Motrozhevsky, Voltaire Pavlovsk And Tomas Ghazsar.