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Teachers have a deadline to register for the school's science program

Teachers have a deadline to register for the school’s science program

Proposals are submitted online through the Fapeam website

Photo: Anna Paolino/Personal Archive

Basic education teachers in Amazonas who are in the public network and intend to compete for the 2022 edition of the School of Science (PCE) program, provided by the state government, through the Amazonas State Research Support Foundation (Fapeam), arrived at 5 p.m. Friday (11 /03) to submit research proposals. Applications are submitted online through the SigFapeam platform available at

With an investment of more than R$5 million from the state treasury, the public notification will support up to 700 projects in Amazonas. The initiative aims to awaken a scholarly vocation and encourage talent among public school students, as well as contribute to the continuing education of teachers. Each approved proposal will include a School Science Professor Scholarship (R$700) and up to three Science and Technology Startup Scholarships (R$150) for students.

Teachers from public schools in the state of Amazonas or municipal schools in Manaus, working with classes from the fifth grade or in the secondary school and its modalities, can apply: Youth and Adult Education, Indigenous School Education, Specific Educational Services and Projeto Navega. Check the ad through the link

It should be noted that the values ​​of scholarships, PCE, and other programs in support of Fapeam’s research were revised at the end of 2021.

PCE in Parintins

One of the research that the Amazonas government supported in the latest edition of PCE, last year, was the project entitled “Formulation of Mathematical Problems, including Situations I experienced in the Covid-19 Pandemic in the City of Parintins/AM”. The proposal used data related to Covid-19 in the municipality to include mathematics, in an educational way, in the routine of students at Deputado Gláucio Gonçalves State School.

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Coordinated by mathematics teacher Anna Paolino, the study supported by Public Notice Nº 004/2021 lays out the knowledge gained in the classroom, as well as showing students that discipline exists in everyday life.

According to the professor, the use of data from Covid-19 has allowed the inclusion of mathematics in everyday life, especially since the discipline can provide an important tool, so that the medical and scientific communities can understand the behavior of the epidemic in certain periods of time, making it possible to estimate peaks and terminal declines in Disease states, using mathematical models and criteria.


For the project, data were collected from the epidemiological bulletins published by Fundação de Vigilância em Saúde do Amazonas Dr. Rosemary Costa Pinto (FVS-RCP) and municipal authorities in Parintins, such as the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths related to the disease. The information was organized into a spreadsheet for students to formulate questions.

“The socialization of mathematical problems was carried out with first-year classes ‘1’ and ‘2’, in which we engaged the students in solving questions. In this way, we found the opportunity to show that there really are relationships in everyday situations, which can be solved through mathematical functions”, explained.

In total, 60 students from two classes participated in classes related to solving numerical problems involving afferent, quadratic, and exponential functions. “After that, knowledge about textual elements characterizing the problem situation, as well as mathematical expressions and used terms, was sought in order to develop the ability to formulate questions,” explained the teacher.

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The project was implemented in the second half of 2021, between July and December. The teacher assures that the Fapeam investment helps in the school and social training of students.

Check out the PCE 2022 announcement: