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Ted Kaczynski is dead

Ted Kaczynski is dead

The death case was confirmed by the US prison agency, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, correspondingly hv news.

In 1998, Kaczynski was sentenced to life in prison for killing three people and injuring several more with letter bombs over nearly two decades.

He initially served time in a maximum security prison in Colorado, but was transferred to a North Carolina medical facility in December 2021 due to health concerns.

Terrorizing the United States for 17 years

The story of the “Unabomber” began in 1978, when security guard Terry Meeker at Northwestern University in Illinois opened a package at work.

The package contained a homemade bomb, which exploded when it was opened. Sanea escaped with minor injuries.

The incident marked the beginning of what has been described as a reign of terror, as Thed Kaczynski terrorized university environments with booby-trapped letters sent from his cabin in the woods in protest of modern technology.

Three people were killed and 23 wounded before he was captured. Among the victims were a number of computer experts and academics.

Statement: It was Ted Kaczynski’s words that exposed him. After his statement was published in two major newspapers, David Kaczynski became aware of his brother’s reasoning and reported it to the police. Photo: NTB
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The prodigy who became a professor

Ted Kaczynski was also the child prodigy who studied mathematics at the prestigious Harvard University and became an assistant professor at Berkeley at just 25 years old.

Then, in 1969, he abruptly quits his job and returns home to his parents in Illinois.

Two years later, he moved to Montana, where he lived in a remote cabin he had built himself. It was there that the police arrested him in 1996, surrounded by the ingredients for a bomb, thousands of pages of diary notes about, among other things, bombing experiments, and a ready bomb ready to be dispatched.

The arrest was the result of one of the most extensive and expensive searches in the history of the FBI.

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