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Telegram Premium versão novidades serviço

Telegram already has its premium version in the tests, which will bring paid add-ons

Telegram has grown so that today it is one of the alternatives in the world of messaging services. It managed to steal many users from the competition at crucial moments and this led to it reaching the position it occupies today.

Like any other service out there on the internet, Telegram needs to fund itself and this will be done through its platform. After some pointers, now comes the first incarnation of what the future will be. Premium mode has been offered and will bring extras that will be paid for.

Like many other platforms, Telegram is now testing new features that point the way forward. Everything seems to be focused on reactions and stickers, which will soon contain important news and seem not to be accessible to all users.

The the last The beta version, marked in the beta channel with the code 8.7.2, is currently intended for the iPhone and has already appeared the beginning of what will be the premium aspect of this service. This paid service can be accessed in any message, but only to those who have subscribed to the service.,

Whoever chooses one of these items, reactions or stickers, will now be offered the possibility to register, will have to pay. Items will be exclusive and even after they are placed in a Telegram chat, they will only appear to those who pay to use them.

Something unknown so far is how the Telegram addon works. For now, it is only accessible in tests, but it is unknown how much it will cost or how users will be able to sign up. It remains to be seen when it will be made public.

Another novelty, however, been detected, brings changes to the avatar creator. This was found in the macOS beta and revealed that more can be used to customize this area of ​​Telegram.

Thus it opens another door for change in Telegram, now with the Premium version. It certainly will not satisfy all users, but it will give this service the possibility to finance itself and increase what this messaging service has to offer.

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