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Telework until the end of May.  Can an epidemic be prevented?

Telework until the end of May. Can an epidemic be prevented?

sortugal registeredDuring the past 24 hours, there were four more deaths and 485 cases of the new Coronavirus. According to today’s report, the infection rate has decreased. Nationwide, we now have 51 cases per 100,000 people. On the other hand, Rt’s share rose slightly to 0.93 nationally.

In the wake of the Sporting Club de Portugal celebrations, Who yesterday became a national heroAnd the Experts and government officials expressed their fear of the consequences of the epidemiological situation. The President of the Republic is one of the voices that called yesterday for a sound mind, Today called for an additional “effort” to prevent Covid-19, Considering that the end of the epidemic process is “sooner”. “What I ask is that you celebrate what you should, and what you have to celebrate, but make an effort to help. It’s a few more weeks and months, what is vaccination, in its own way, decisively helps“He said.

See maps of the development of the new coronavirus pandemic at Portugal Nor Scientist.

Follow minutes here the latest developments on Covid-19 in Portugal and the world:

17h48 – Angola It started Today the Minister of State for Public Health Lusa said that today he vaccinated his population with the first dose of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, after they had already received 40,000 doses.

17 Q 40 – The UK is concerned about the Indian alternative. “We must be vigilant because the threat of this virus remains and new variants pose a potentially fatal risk, including one that was first identified in India, which is a growing concern here in the UK.”British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in Parliament today.

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17h 35 – a Spain 6,418 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded during the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 3,592,751 so far, with the infection rate continuing to decrease, according to the Spanish Ministry of Health.

17:30 – Responsibility “for everyone”. Spokesperson for the Portuguese Bishops Conference (CEP) Considered Today, compliance with the rules to prevent Covid-19 is everyone’s responsibility, and the authorities must make sure this happens.

17h27A compulsory TV track at the end of the month? The government intends to maintain mandatory remote work across the country until the end of MayAccording to the news reported by the Journal de Negossius and Publico. This Wednesday, the information will be passed on to the social partners.

17h00 a United kingdom 2,284 new infections were diagnosed in the last day and 11 Covid-19 related deaths. In total, the UK has accumulated 4,441,975 infections and 127,640 deaths. More than 18.4 million UK citizens have already been immunized.

16h 40 – In the last 24 hours, Italy 7,852 new cases were recorded, bringing the total number of cases to 4,131,078 since the start of the pandemic. On the last day, an additional 262 people died from Covid-19, and the total number of deaths since February 2020 was 123,544.

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16 o – The Covid-19 pandemic could have been preventedAnd the According to the experts and figures assigned by the World Health Organization, Who are urgently calling for widespread reforms of warning and prevention systems to prevent new epidemics.

3:55 PM – TUI Group decided to replace the 737 with a larger Dreamliner due to the Strong demand to travel to the ‘green list’ destination. Portugal reservations It has “risen” by 182% since the British government announced that the country was on a “green list” of destinations deemed safe to travelWhich means that upon returning to the UK, travelers are not required to be quarantined.

15 Q 40 – Portuguese vaccine ready for testing. The Portuguese vaccine against the new Coronavirus that is being developed at Immunethep, in Cantanhede, is ready to enter the clinical trial phase, pending only the necessary public investment, advertiser Today the pharmaceutical company.

3:35 PM – EMA is confident that the vaccines are effective against the Indian variant. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said today that it is confident that the vaccines currently in use in the European Union will protect against the Indian-discovered variant of SARS-CoV-2.. “So far, in general, we are very confident that the vaccines generally cover this type.”At a virtual press conference, Marco Cavalieri, in charge of the agency’s vaccination strategy, said.

3:15 PM – a Portability indicator (Rt) for SARS-Cov-2 in Portugal Today it rose to 0.93, instead Cases of infection Per 100,000 residents in the last 14 days it decreased to 51.0.

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3:10 PM – During the past 24 hours, Portugal added 485 new cases and four deaths related to the Corona virus, pointing to DGS Epidemiological Bulletin Released on Wednesday. This represents an increase of 0.06% for new infections and 0.02% for deaths.

15h00 Good night! Here we follow MINUTE’s monitoring of epidemic developments in Portugal and the world. Record Here Morning developments.

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