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“Telework will be mandatory only in companies located in risky municipalities” - Executive Summary

“Telework will be mandatory only in companies located in risky municipalities” – Executive Summary

CIP President Antonio Saraeva says that remote work will not be mandatory “in any kind or in any situation until the end of the year. It will be, after the state of emergency, in municipalities where the infection is higher than the rates set by the Ministry of Public Health,” he asserts. In an interview with Antenna 1 and Journal de Negossius.

According to the official, “There will be no legal basis if the government blindly continues until the end of the year, regardless of whether we are in a state of emergency or not, the mandatory remote work and, therefore, what the government did was something else.”

He explains: “As long as we remain in a state of emergency, this is mandatory, and when we stop – and we will certainly end within 15 days, or a month at the most in case of emergency – that will only be mandatory in stalled companies in high-risk municipalities and it is mandatory only in these situations and in These municipalities. “

“It might be the case that we have companies with facilities in different municipalities and different rules. In any case, it is an administrative complication that we must bear, and it is clear that it has a haven for understanding in the epidemic situation in which we find ourselves and to fight the epidemic and protect public health, but again it is necessary. There should be some rationality, some adaptability, ”to continue.

The CIP president says he is not against this “because working remotely in some situations and mutual agreement, when possible, is beneficial. What we cannot fall into is some demagoguery or populism that wants remote workers to receive compensation for electricity, And the water, the Internet expenses, because we create the stuff.Imagine that the husband and wife are at home at work remotely, they are from different companies, how will Delta measure the addition of the husband and wife in Company A or Company B? ”He asks.

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On this issue, Antonio Seraeva points an accusing finger at the unions: “They were walking the path of demands as if the country were in an ideal situation, where the crisis of the epidemic does not affect us in the way it affects us and they bring ridiculous demands and an enormous lack of wisdom. Fair and balanced, and we have to find the advantage of the two parties by mutual agreement, because the workers also do not have transportation expenses and they do not have a set of expenses. “

Finally, the official says he advocates working remotely: “It is here to stay. It brings a range of benefits to those types of jobs that you have resorted to with benefits, but we have to be balanced, moderate and reasonable in using it, be it companies and employees.”