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Temporary expulsion and the new offside rule: What could change in football next season – Internacional

Temporary expulsion and the new offside rule: What could change in football next season – Internacional

The FIFA Council will meet at the beginning of 2024 and could approve new procedures

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The Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported on Saturday that the next meeting of the International Football Association Board (IFAB), scheduled to be held at the beginning of 2024, may approve new football rules, some of which may enter into force in the 2024/25 season. .

On the table of the body that regulates football rules is temporary expulsion and punishment for players who approach the referee, with the exception of the captain, as well as the issue of offside, what is called “Wenger’s Law.” The latter allows the attacker to be in front of the defender, as long as the last part of his body is in “contact” with the opponent.

It is a procedure that is being tested in youth leagues in Sweden and Italy and which Arsene Wenger himself explained in an interview with registerin 2021. “With VAR detecting minimal infringements, the striker’s benefit of doubt has disappeared – and that has a reason. We want a fair rule. If a player is three centimeters offside during the build-up of play and many things happen until a goal is scored, is it fair Dismissing this goal? If a player was two centimeters offside because he had wider shoulders than the opponent, did he really have the offside advantage to score? I think everyone and I agree that this is not the case. That’s why we test what we call the “daylight rule” for offside, Which means that there has to be a certain amount of space between the players for the position to be considered offside. This could also be an evolution. Previously, the striker had to be behind the opponent, then he had to be in the line and now we are thinking of changing so that “There is only offside if a body part can score a goal if it is ahead of the opponent. The second and last defender.”

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The newspaper “Marca” explained that the results of the tests were satisfactory and the change would ultimately lead to favoring more attacking football and thus the spectacle.

Another aspect concerns temporary expulsion, a procedure that has been tested at youth, veterans and modified football levels. They last between 10 and 15 percent of playing time and are intended to deter bad behavior on the field.

Loss of playing time is another issue that concerns the football world. The option of stopping the clock has already been ignored, but the International Football Association Board is looking for a formula that could be effective in this aspect.

Written by Isabelle Dantas


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