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Teresa Guilherme hits Claudio Ramos and Cristina Ferreira

Teresa Guilherme hits Claudio Ramos and Cristina Ferreira

Teresa Guilherme Away from reality shows, from time to time he gives harsh criticism to TVI and the hosts of “Big Brother”.

On the program “Noite das Estrelas” on Wednesday, April 17, Maya highlighted that Teresa Guilherme was responsible for the start of João Paulo Rodriguez's career – as the singer prepares to release his first album.

“I'm very proud of him because I think he's a very talented person,” Teresa Guilherme said. “Throughout your life you always fell in love with the people you worked with. It was funny that even Big Brother’s kids liked you. Because you also devoted a lot of yourself to the people you worked with,” Duarte Ciopa replied.

If you provide a Big brotherI see it from beginning to end“Maya promised.”I'd just like to present it again so people can remember again how to present it Big brother. I will not come back!“, answered Teresa Guilherme, who succeeded Claudio Ramos and Cristina Ferreira as captain of the team. Reality show. “Oh! You've said it all!“, Adriano Silva Martinez reacted.

He is House of secrets?“Maya asked.”House of secrets It is more interesting than Big brotherUndoubtedly“Guaranteed Teresa Guilherme.

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