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Tergy Sports: - A complete mess

Tergy Sports: – A complete mess

As early as noon on Tuesday can Dagbladet reports that comedian Terje Sporsem (46) and his family were among several thousand families affected by the plane crash. this summer.

The plan was for a trip to Turkey, but when the trip was cancelled, it was the start of a long and expensive trip. On Monday night, Sporsem told Dagbladet, among other things, that they spent 25,000 kroner for one-way tickets in Norway.

On Tuesday evening, Dagbladet will call the former “Farmen kjendis” participant again to hear how they’re doing on the road.

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I couldn’t help

He could then say that at the time of writing they were in Heathrow, London, after traveling to Gatwick and moving from one airport to another.

– We’re sitting at the airport and here’s a complete mess, says Sporsom over the phone, adding:

– But it has already been resolved. Turkish Airlines fixed it.

The plane they were supposed to board was an SAS plane. Sporsem explains that the airline told them they couldn’t help, but some helpful Turkish Airlines staff at Gardermoen came to their rescue.

– We succeeded, but it will be a long and very expensive journey.

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– He goes for a month

The family begins to approach halfway. What awaits now is only the rest. Within two hours, the plane for Istanbul is scheduled to leave, before those there have to wait four hours for the plane to reach Alanya.

– We arrive in Alanya at nine tomorrow morning, so it will be a long night. But we can’t help but ignore that things are going well and that there will be no delay.

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Due to the cancellation, the Sporsem family loses valuable vacation time. However, the 46-year-old has a plan for how to solve it.

– Now I’ll go for a month. The length of leave must match the flight. He jokingly adds that a day trip means a month’s vacation, adding:

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Sunnmøringen in me will enjoy and feel every penny of this journey.