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Terrorist attack on Kabul airport - more than 60 dead - VG

Terrorist attack on Kabul airport – more than 100 dead – VG

Suicide attack on the gate and a hotel outside Hamid Karzai Airport. At least 90 Afghans and 13 American employees were killed.


  • US President Joe Biden said they don’t want to be intimidated and evictions halted. “Here are those who carried out this attack and others who want to hurt America: We will not forgive, we will not forget, we will find you and make you pay,” Biden said.
  • White House Chief of Staff Jen Psaki emphasized that August 31 is still the date Americans deal with. The president never thought of changing him. It says cooperation with the Taliban is necessary to carry out the evacuation.
  • death toll: CNN wrote that more than 90 Afghans were killed in the attack. They cite what they call “Afghan health authorities”.
  • At least 150 people have been infected, according to Afghan health officials.
  • More Americans: The US authorities confirmed the killing of 13 American employees and the wounding of 15 others.
  • There are no Norwegian employees: All Norwegians stationed at Kabul airport have been counted. “We have no control over those who may be overseas,” Lieutenant-Colonel Ivar Moen at Armed Forces Operations Headquarters (FOH) told VG earlier on Thursday.
  • A Taliban spokesman told Reuters that at least 28 of those killed in the terrorist attacks were Taliban members.

This is where the attacks took place

The attack came just hours after people were warned to stay away from the airport. Because of the terrorist threat.

A suicide attack took place outside the airport’s Abe gate, where a large number of people had gathered on Thursday hoping to get out of the country.

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“There were two suicide bombers believed to be ISIS fighters,” General Kenneth McKenzie of the US Central Command told a news conference Thursday evening.

Then a shootout occurred with many other warriors.

The second explosion occurred outside the Baron Hotel, opposite Abbey Gate:

Expect the attacks to continue

When US President Joe Biden chose to withdraw the United States on August 31, despite strong protests from countries such as Germany, Spain and Norway, He pointed out the seriousness of the ISIS attack on the airport. The terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack on Thursday evening.

General McKenzie of US Central Command notes that it often requires several attacks in a row.

“We have other active threats, and very active threats to the airport,” General McKenzie said.

It includes everything from rocket fire at the airport, car bombs, and several suicide bombings.

– The threat from ISIS is very real and we have seen it materialize in the last hours with an actual attack. “We believe their desire is to continue these attacks and we expect the attacks to continue,” General McKenzie said.

The general admits that they are already sharing some of this information with the Taliban.

– So they can find us. McKenzie noted that some attacks were averted.

Detonated the bomb before the security check

The suicide bomber could not make it to the airport, but the general’s working theory is that the suicide bomber detonated when American personnel had to check on the attacker.

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Because even though people and people inside the airport are protected with high walls, they have to screen people at entry points.

– The attack occurred at the gate. At the gate we have to screen people before they enter the airport. We need to make sure they don’t have a bomb or any other weapon that could find its way onto a plane. Requires a physical examination. You have to be very close to that person, said McKenzie.

He says there were more people outside Abbey Gate on Thursday than they wanted.

“The Taliban screened people before they got to that point, and sometimes the searches were good, other times they weren’t,” the US general said.

– You don’t want anyone on a plane with a bomb, because it can cause huge loss of life.

The United States continues to evacuate

Norway has stopped the evacuation from the airport and He says they can no longer help Norwegian citizens:

The United States says it will continue.

– We won’t let them stop our mission. We will continue to evacuate, US President Joe Biden said late Thursday night.

The president says the evacuation mission in Kabul is very dangerous, and that it is one of the reasons he wants to leave quickly.

These ISIS terrorists will not win. We will rescue the Americans there, we will take out our Afghan allies, and our mission will continue. Biden’s message was, America does not allow itself to be afraid.

What do you say to the Afghans who helped the American forces and who may not leave until August 31?

I say we’ll try to get you out, that means something, says Biden.

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The Pentagon estimates that about 1,000 US citizens remain in the country.

We will continue to coordinate until it is safe for US citizens to reach the airport. If that’s not the case, we’ll ask them to wait, McKenzie said earlier Thursday night.