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Tesla announced another recall of 80,000 cars and some of them should be recalled

Tesla cars This year suffered a large number of “collection” requestsmore commonly known as Operation Re-Call🇧🇷 Problems have occurred again and 80,000 cars will be recalled in China. If a lot of He remembers It was easy to solve, since it was over the air (OTA), this really obliges the owners to take the car to the workshop.

In fact, he received many millions of Tesla electric cars this year Re-Call for corrections.

Many recoveries are for issues resolved via OTA

When there is a safety issue, NHTSA is required to issue a Safety Recall, even though the vehicle manufacturer does not have to physically recall any vehicles, which leads to some confusion.

Back last month, Tesla's batch of "one million vehicles" made a lot of news, with the impact on drivers practically negligible, given that the update only changed, via OTA, the software that manages the automotive system for Windows operations.

These cases prompted Tesla CEO Elon Musk to complain about the term "recall = assembly" and the way the media uses it against Tesla. today is The US company has once again announced more collections in China in about 80,000 vehicles.

13,000 Tesla electric cars with seat belt system problems

According to Chinese authorities, the recall includes 67,698 imported Model S and Model X vehicles with a software issue related to the battery pack. Again, the fix is ​​a simple software update. However, This time there is also a physical collection due to a seat belt problem In about 13,000 Model 3 cars: 2,736 are imported and 10,127 are made in China.

over 20 He remembers In 2022, it was the year of many combinations. However, Tesla isn't the only automaker that has experienced major recalls this year. The Ford also just confirmed that it is recalling another half million vehicles Because of the risk of fire, many automakers have also recalled millions of vehicles this year.

Anyway, the fact that the vast majority of calls from electric brand Patched quickly with over-the-air (OTA) software updates — rather than having to send cars back to the dealership like other automakers — Tesla's level of connectivity in its cars shows to be a huge advantage in the industry.

The software update system (OTA) allows the customer the ease and convenience of correcting many problems, and for Tesla itself, it saves a lot of money.

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