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Tesla app crash left users unable to get in cars

Tesla cars are currently among the most complete in technology, in many areas. Its software allows you to control many factors and many areas, from the entertainment system to car mechanics.

With an app for access, control and even access control, this management is even simpler. The problem exists when this fails, as it has now, after leaving Tesla users unable to get into their cars.

There is a Tesla app that allows you to control your cars. Here, drivers can access a lot of options that allow them to manage the details of these vehicles. It is so useful that it allows you to dispense with keys and control all access.

This can be an interesting dependency for users, as it focuses all management and access there. The problem is even when this app crashes, like it did a while ago. Of course, complaints soon surfaced on social media.

It was initially identified as a problem limited to the United States, but it was soon realized that this was Tesla's global failure. Your app had bugs and this was affecting many users all over the planet.

Elon Musk, the tough guy at Tesla and often his publicist and spokesperson, understood the problem. It revealed that Tesla was already investigating the issue, but did not reveal any cause and when the issue would be resolved.

Shortly thereafter, again via Twitter, Elon Musk revealed that the problem would be resolved. He noted that the problem was caused by an accidentally increasing the level of detail in network traffic. He apologized and assumed Tesla would take steps to ensure this never happened again.

This is the situation that illustrates the dependence of Tesla cars on elements that, even indoors, are prone to failure. Shutting down the simple app can leave users out of their cars with issues at hand. This can be solved simply by ... having the key.

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