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Tesla captures the moment it protects itself from an amazing accident (video)

Tesla captures the moment it protects itself from an amazing accident (video)

The Tesla camera captures the moment when the Kia Soul literally flies down the highway. The accident caused by a tire, had a speedy action by the tram, avoiding greater evils.

Tesla shoots a cinematic ride for the Kia Soul

There are accidents that, if not filmed, no one would believe. Which we leave today is such a case.

Tesla cars bring dashcams that monitor what's happening around and inside the car. It is an important equipment for both driving assistance system and driver safety. The fact is that this system has already shown us incredible accidents.

One of the images we present today, which user Anoop_Khatra shared on Twitter, shows us the movement of Elon Musk's tram controlling the parking lot and, at the same time, depicting The Kia Soul is flying, as if it were an action scene from any Fast and Furious movie.

In the images we can see Kia overtaking a Tesla when it suddenly approaches a pickup truck that loses a wheel. This wheel passes under the Kia and ... flies off, leaving the road strewn with debris from a terrible accident.

It is worth noting that the Tesla car was able to stop in time and was not involved in this accident. A Kia driver didn't have the same luck, seeing the car completely destroyed and the driver terrified for life.

In the pictures we can see the car with the airbags deployed, damage to the entire length of the South Korean car, debris scattered across the road and a loose wheel, which, even after the car landed "on the right", still crashed into it again. Surprisingly, the Kia driver came out unscathed from this accident.

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As for Tesla, it came with autopilot on, and was able to shift at the right time, to avoid unbridled haste, according to Original tweetwhich is impressive in itself.

The US automaker's Tesla Dashcam functionality has helped over and over again. It has been an important aid to Tesla drivers and other road users alike, providing footage of crashes that would have been difficult to explain to investigators.

It is important to mention that All Tesla models built after March 2018 have Dashcam functionality as standard, which uses the vehicle's camcorders to capture moving images and allows the driver to save captured video to a USB drive. Since software update 2020.12.5, Videos can also be viewed on the car's home screen.