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Tesla Full Self-Driving clientes upgrade hardware

Tesla customers angry at need to upgrade to fully autonomous driving

Tesla is poised to dominate the market with the arrival of fully autonomous driving. There aren’t many brands doing a show in this area yet, so Elon Musk ends up with a clear advantage.

This new feature is available as a new subscription, and can be used by everyone, but on one condition. That amount unfortunately costs $1,500, making Tesla customers angry.

It was last weekend that Tesla foot in silence A new addition to your application. As with other options, it's now possible to sign up for the fully self-driving system, the driving assistant that allows electric Tesla cars to be virtually self-driving.

This is no longer an additional amount that is only sold when buying brand cars, it can now be rented on a monthly basis. It costs $199 (or $99) and can be turned on or off at any time.

Tesla Full-Self-Driving customers upgrade devices

In order to use them, cars must have a specific version of Tesla hardware. Specified as version 3.0, this costs $1,500 for those who don't have it installed. This has become an issue now, as cars over two years old need this update.

Among what has been written on social networks and channels of other brands, this device should be present. Tesla customers claim that the brand reported all cars sold after 2016 بيع It will have the necessary hardware Paragraph Q full self-driving

Tesla Full-Self-Driving customers upgrade devices

This has not been an issue so far, as there was no practical application for this 3.0 device. However, now that everyone has access to full autonomous driving, customers are feeling deceived, expecting something to be announced by Tesla.

Tesla has yet to comment on this issue, but has warned of the need for new hardware. However, the problem is actually the $1,500 that was ordered and the information that was passed on to customers at the time of purchase.

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