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Tesla has launched a new two-seat Model Y model

Tesla has launched a new two-seat Model Y model

As electric vehicle sales increase, brands like Tesla have adjusted their offerings to cover new, increasingly focused market segments. The American company adopted a very strict pricing policy. Now, Elon Musk's company has unveiled a new Model Y with only two seats, to take advantage of the commercial market and the associated tax subsidies.

A commercial for a two-seater Tesla Model Y

Model Y is for companies

One of the main sales channels for electric cars is businesses. These companies benefit from the tax incentives offered to enhance their fleets, thus obtaining more attractive and interesting prices for vehicles.

Although there are commercial proposals, these are larger vehicles with shorter ranges. To improve this offer, Tesla is now enhancing its offer, with a new Model Y, with only two seats and a more attractive trunk space.

This new proposal is not yet on Tesla's website, but was announced by Clément Maguet, Tesla's senior account manager in France. In your LinkedIn account open This movo model has two seats and all the extra load capacity.

Tesla Model Y two-seat ad Tesla Model Y two-seat ad

Customized commercial model for Tesla

The new two-seater Model Y has a storage capacity of 2,158 liters and offers a range of up to 565 km (WLTP cycle). This model, in many markets, qualifies for commercial vehicle tax incentives.

This new version of the Model Y offers much more storage space in the back and more independence. The advertised range of 565 kilometers (351 miles) is about 30 kilometers more than the standard version of this Tesla electric car. The brand has not revealed the price of this new version of the Model Y, and interested parties should find out Contact directly The company is in the area designated for fleets.

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At the moment, this new model seems to be limited to the French market, but Tesla is expected to expand its range to other European markets. Most have tax incentives for this type of vehicle, and the new Model Y is sure to be of interest to many.